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Work in January and February

Hello everyone. I am interested in the opinion of people who are engaged in illustration. How are you doing with orders in January and February? I live in Russia and during these months there were very few orders, because no one has any money. How is this time going in other countries? Also little work or no difference with other months?


I’ve not really been applying myself on Fiverr, so I wouldn’t be a good contributor to your question. Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to get many that can, due to the variety of sellers here on the forums. Not to say there aren’t other illustrators, just that it’s very skewed. For information │ Number of services available in most competitive categories │Top countries and share

Thanks for the answer. I understand. But I still hope to get interesting answers from other users.

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Do some research and brake your niche as much as possible and search and research and try find out which part of your niche with others doing good. Open new new gig on that niche or use that keyword and add new images in your excising gig if it is close relevant. Do not stop learning and keep update yourself.

I have done I think in January and February already 60 Video edit orders.