Work is Delivered but Buyer is not Replying


Hi, Friends I am Neeraj Kumar. I am working Fiverr as a Photo Editor. I got an order for Photo Editing. I delivered my Order. But now Buyer is not replying. There have been more than 2 days. Is it Normal?


Happens sometimes. I would consider the work done


Yes, this is normal. Sometimes buyers don’t ever respond! They may be busy and have not checked it or they have received it and choose not to review or comment about it. The order is automatically marked as complete after 3 days anyway so they do not need to accept it for you to get your money.


It’s a shame, but it’s not unusual. The order will autocomplete. Personally, I don’t like it when this happens - It’s always a worry that the buyer isn’t responding because they didn’t like what you did. It’s good to get some feedback, though of course there’s nothing you can do about it.


Hello Friend,

This is a normal case. A lot of client of fiverrr they don’t response to seller because they have not a lot of time for reply. They just come online and download his product. At least they leave from him.


Buyer Still not Replyed. Fiverr Automatically Marked my order as Completed


I am totally agreed with capitalquality on this issue. What I do is to send a massage to my client and after getting this massage they often come online and reply me. I just have an auto completed order but I am still connected with my client and I will make all the changes as per his requirements even the order is completed and I got the money. My aim is my work so I respect my clients, my work and all you people who are working online. Regards


It is normal and reasons for buyers not responding varie. Some are too busy,some would have not liked your work and they don’t give feedback. However the order is automatically completed after 3 Days, thanks to fiverr!