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Work not done, money back and reference

i asked a (supposed) data scientist (level 2 seller with 5 stars) to produce several data visualisation on the data file i sent.
i wrote about 10 pages of instructions with images done in powerpoint.
all these info was provided weeks before assigning the gig so to have them seen and checked, i was available also for clarifications in advance.
gig was accepted and signd for 14 days delivery.
during that time i asked about how it was going, i got assured everything was fine.

then 2 days extra time was requested and given.

the 16th day i received a list of bar graphs of all the variables. no one of these was requested. nothing of the requested visualisation was done.

i opened an issue, no feedback from fever.

the order is still pending, money are still there stacked.
i want the money back and a negative review for this unprofessional seller. how should that work .

i had only one previous (positive) EXPERIENCE WITH NO PROBLEM.

what is going to happen? obviously the work has not been done at all.


i used the dispute center, asking the seller to cancel the order. she refuses.

what happens now? how can i go out of this corner: job not done and money staked there…