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Work submission easy alternate! please reply

I have to submit an order of 400 files. Is there any alternative way of submission that is easy, and where I can upload all work at once and provide the link or source to the buyer? Because here it only allows to attach 20 files, which makes it confusing for the buyer too, as all work will be submitted in shifts. Is there any alternate path that fiverr allows us to submit the work through?

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Dropbox. Make sure there’s no method of contacting you, but generally dropbox is the think.

Make sure you put a note and an image (if you want to add to portfolio) in the delivery as well as the dropbox link.

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are you sure that it won’t create any TOS violation issue?

Hi, you can also use archive method. ZIP these 400 files into 1 compressed archive file.

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thankyou for your help. I’ll be using it.

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Fiverr Customer Support recommends DropBox when there are problems with the delivery (because the file is too big, because of the number of files…).

I agree that a zip file would also be a good solution.