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Work that requires phone contact

Okay today I got a client that has offered me work that is not quite what my gig offers.

Specifically mygig offers to be a online research assistant and the client wants me to be his online Administrative Assistant doing administrative duties like a secretary like organizing his calendar, scheduling meetings and following up with his clients.

This sort of work requires that I have telephone Communications with him and some of his clients on a daily basis.

But yet I read in the terms of service that I cannot contact him outside of Fiverr, yet as you can see the work demands that I have close contact.

How do I resolve this?

Once we have a contract in place over Fiverr and the payment terms are completed through Fiverr is it going to be okay for me to collaborate with this client over the phone line or is my account going to be terminated for doing my job?

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Hi. Your best bet is to speak with Customer Support. Whilst people here will be able to give you informed, educated opinions, that won’t help you if, somewhere down the line, Fiverr Customer Support feel that you’ve broken the rules.

Speak with Support, ask them how you should proceed. If they give you permission to work this way, you have it in writing. If they advise that it would be breaking the TOS, then that’s your answer, and you won’t waste time and risk your account.


I can’t seem to contact customer support without an order number. That’s the problem. is their email

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I’d advise that you do not accept this job offer and under no circumstances give this buyer your contact details. No business person would ever hire someone they do not know and can not check the credentials of on Fiverr, to be their full-time virtual secretary.

If you are new to Fiverr, it is more likely that you are being targeted by a scammer. This process usually goes as follows:

  • A scammer targets a new seller, because new sellers are unfamiliar with their tactics.
  • Scammers say they have an incredible opportunity or are about to place a high-value order, but need to call you first.
  • The second a scammer has any of your personal information, they will attempt to compromise the security of any online accounts you own, extort money from you, or trick you into participating in illegal activities.

In the very least, scammers will attempt to make you agree to let them pay you outside of Fiverr, so they can pay you more or they can save on fees. This is against Fiverr TOS, and this is always just a ruse scammers use to get your bank or PayPal details.

If I were you, I would politely decline this opportunity and move on.

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Yeah I don’t know…he seems genuine. Just unfamiliar with Fiverr policies. plus the type of work he’s asking for kind of requires personal contact on a daily basis, so I get wgy he wants more personal contact.

But yeah thanks for the advice I’ll definitely be on the lookout for that type of scam.

Something does not seem right about this. We are online freelance workers and what you are describing is something different from what fiverr is set up for. I would wonder if somehow this offer of his involves ordering merchandise. It seems like it might be someone who wants you to participate in some kind of scam.

There is no reason he cannot schedule his own meetings, organize his own calendar and follow up himself with his own clients.

He needs a middleman to interact with people for some nefarious reason possibly.