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Work VISA and Fiverr

I was doing an online search about this, but couldn’t come up with much information.
If I am moving to another country, (say The USA from India) am I still eligible work on Fiverr without a work permit ?
I know that it may be possible up to 6 months, but how about it on a long run ?
Can anyone share some light ?

Happiness to you,

There is no connection between visa and fiverr. Fiverr is an online marketplace & you can work from where ever you want. Fiverr has no issue from which part of the world you are.

And Immigration office can not ask you anything about it. On the first spot how will they get to know about it. Fiverr is like just another site like facebook, twitter which every one uses !

I hope this will clear your misconception !

@witeboard In the online world, there’s not any issue for you to work wherever you want from. However, you can withdraw funds only to your Indian bank or if you use paypal then again they will send your earnings to your Indian bank. You may want to check on this with customer support for better clarification.