Work with a buyer on something you don't have a gig for?


Hello all -
I’m fairly new to Fiverr, and have had a good experience thus far. But I do have a question that I can’t seem to find the answer to…
I have a buyer that I am working with on a Keynote presentation that inquired if I could also make an ebook template in Pages. I can, but it isn’t something that I want to open up to every buyer on Fiverr via a gig. Is there a way to offer this service just to this buyer? Or do I have to actually create a gig for it? Thanks :slight_smile:


You can just create a custom offer for that one situation. The system will make you link the offer to an existing gig, but you just choose the closest one and in the offer field, state that you are making a special customer offer based on the buyer’s request. Specify what you are offering in a precise way and refer to the discussion you had with the buyer.

You can enter the price and the delivery time that is appropriate for this special offer and send it for the buyer to accept. No one but you and the buyer will know the actual contents of the offer message.


Click on “Create An Offer.”


Fair enough! I had considered that, but just wasn’t sure. Thanks!