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Worked 18-22 hour days for over a month


With all the people asking for cancellation AFTER receiving 10-20 articles or threatening to leave negative feedback, I averaged about a $1 an hour and now I just feel exceedingly sick. I gained nothing from that month bar a ton of negative feedbacks (including a buyer who kept saying that he would wait, meaning I lost about 50 hours of produced content on that). And no, that was not sent to them.

Now I am bordering on Level 1, have barely slept for a month, and I have not earned anything.

And if one person says “put up your prices”, I will hate you forever and block you.

The latest cancellation from where I poured in over 50 horus of work is down to the ‘negative reviews’ I have on Rip Off Report. Y’know, the ones that say I bribe customer support, hack websites, and deliver blank gigs stealing $100s.

So, you know what. To the person who wrote those AND I KNOW who you are. I absolutely HATE you. You lying (insert offensive word here). you have cost me $1000s of business over the years. You still read this forum, so I am glad you are reading this. I hope you are happy with yourself.


Is there anything stopping scammers from getting work for free?

I have no advice for you this time Ryan.


It’s alright.

Somebody on Reddit actually posted a thread giving the best ways to scam me. That is why it happened and how it ended up going wrong.

The thread (which has now been deleted, but was up for a month) advised people to order from me, then accept a gig extension, accept some articles, and then threaten to leave negative feedback if I didn’t cancel as they no longer wanted the content. It was a complete waste of my time in the end. I still have a few more orders to get through, but now zero motivation.


Sorry to hear that mate, there are still a lot of awful people out there.


I remember when I’ve found my gig and name mentioned in a black hat forum, with ways to rip me off and get free work or “destroy” me like they said, because I was “not allowing new sellers to mek sells” :unamused:

It was really scary seeing all that dirt thrown at me behind my back, wouldn’t wish to anyone :cry:


No one can take away your reputation of 5 years with just a single bad review… I am sure you just gonna take a well deserved break and then get back to writing, the way you’ve been doing. All the best!


Indeed. That is the worst thing about it.

The reviews about me online don’t read like they are true HOWEVER there is always something in the back of your mind which says “hmm. I wonder if he does bribe customer support” or these snippets (from one of the reviews)

  • He also threatened to have another seller he knows hack my website!!
  • I read the message “HA HA! I had Fiverr CS complete the order and there’s nothing you can do about lol. Thanks for the free money hahaha!!”
  • I also found out that he pays for good reviews!!

But there is always something in the back of your mind saying “hmm. What if it is true?”

That is the reason I keep my Fiverr gig open, by the way. 9/10 when a client approaches me outside of Fiverr (not Fiverr clients), they ask about these reviews and they NEVER believe they aren’t true. Some take the risk and are happy, but most don’t bother because there are plenty of other people to use.

And in this day and age, people actually Google your name before you go on a date with them :o had more than one girl ask me about my scamming! Thankfully, they don’t care if you are a scammer or not. Now, if somebody starts writing about my talents in other areas welll…dammit.


Well Ryan, you know it right, its not difficult to :slight_smile:


The reason I don’t put up my prices is due to the external reviews away from Fiverr. I need to have Fiverr income coming in.


Then what you did? Can you please explain?
Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s utterly disgusting.

Shame on you if you’re reading this.


I finally after all these years found about four people discussing me on a forum, and they were desperately trying to say something awful about me. It was funny because the worst they could come up with is that I send a lot of messages, and I try to upsell them.

One ended up by saying she would try me out of curiosity. This discussion was pointed out to me by a nasty customer.

The point is that anyone can talk about you on the internet but don’t let it bother you.


Yeah, I’ve pretty much developed a thick skin, both online and offline. You have no idea how vicious my fellow Indians can be in real life when putting someone down. I used to get bothered by that in the past, because of which I got hurt. Now don’t care. I laugh at such things because I know who I am and what I am, and don’t define myself by what others say/think about me.


Oh that’s cultural? I did notice that in my Indian friend at times.


Never cancel an order if you’ve completed the work (or already done a good amount of it).

Bad reviews suck, but being scammed out of your valuable time is much worse. And yes…

Remember: The Terms of Service link is your best friend :slight_smile:


Hey, don’t get into all this here…This guy doesn’t represent the whole lot of India!!! While he is free to air his views n opiNions, I really feel he cares a damn about India by writing all this…Kindly understand there are always good n bad people everywhere…So it’s never correct to use words as “culture”, “country”, etc…
We all belong to fiverr community…Let’s leave it at that…


When I am just a couple of reviews away from level 1 and the death of my gig, I kinda have to.


Couldn’t you add a portfolio of your work where your potential clients could check your writing style?

Hm,…I am trying to think of a solution how to handle these ‘‘problematic’’ buyers, but can’t think of any, at least not for now :frowning:


I have never had a complaint about the quality of my work. It isn’t the writing style. Although, to be fair, Fiverr customers never know what they want. If somebody did complain about the content here, I could easily snatch it away from them and sell it for. Fifty dollars to one of my clients away from here as has happened several times before.

The people cancelling are those using the content.


I wasn’t aiming for the quality of work rather as clients seeing your writing style and then deciding if to engage you and your services, but I see your point. The problem is with those who exploit you. How to stop them, hm?