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Worked for 10 days, near level 2 and I say no to Fiverr

Well it all started well. I am a graphic designer who started on fiverr. It took me about 10 days to reach v near level 2 and I believe it was because of my quality and speedy work but what happened that I just closed my gigs.

Its abuse of " REQUEST MODIFICATION". Buyers are GOD here because they bring 20% of each order for FIVERR.

I had no option but to design a few posters in $5 which were basically of $ 30 or more. You cant cancel because its your rating that will get affected.

Then they order and keep on requesting changes for the stuff they forgot to mention earlier and as you spent hours over it you atleast want $5 sorry $4 for it.

Just to mention I earn $10/hr on and I am way more than satisfied there.

Fiverr should look in to their policies otherwise they will keep on losing great sellers who are doing outstanding work.

Let me know your thoughts

I’m sorry you feel this way.
You are not the only one in this road.
Many of the sellers here got misused by nasty buyers but it gets better.
You are just level 1. Once you reach level 2 and above, it gets better.
You can upsell your gigs. You can strictly specify no modifications.

Also, Fiverr recently implemented a new way to control ‘modification abuse’. It got implemented in ‘illustrations’ and ‘audio’ category. That feature will soon hit all other categories and then you will be able to strictly say “NO MODIFICATIONS”

The first 60 days are hard on Fiverr, but after your account gets positioned it works well. It took me about 100 deliveries on each new gig, just to get the description and terms worked out. It is important to find a platform that works well for you. Good luck. It was great to have you here on Fiverr.

I think that you should be clear on your gig description about what you offer and what you don’t. You could offer three modifications, one, none, or whatever you feel comfortable with.
Keep in mind that each difficult client teaches us a little bit about how to adjust our gigs to minimize the risk of abuse.

Good luck!!

Well, You’re right concerning the quality of the work some designers offer for 5$, it’s a cheap price for such tasks and a treasure for some buyers.
But if you’re a new designer, who has little or no experience and no portfolio, Fiverr may be a great place to boost your confidence and help you sculpture your skills, and above all getting some money to pay the bills.

I started on Fiverr as a newbie in design, but I improved my skills and started reading books about design techniques, theories, guidelines, communication techniques and marketing. And I’m sure if I keep doing that for few years, I will have something valuable to offer. After all that wouldn’t be possible without Fiverr, It gave me a chance to see what I can do and push my self to the limits, which I wouldn’t get anywhere else.

If you’re doing well on another platform, it’s a great! It’s even awesome! but you need to think about your gig “Designing a posture in 2 hours” . Offer less and what makes you comfortable after all money is less valuable than your soul.

In the first two months on Fiverr I was making little orders for 5$, now I offer less and get orders of 50 $. It’s all about marketing.

I wish you the best of luck

I guess most buyers do not realize that Fiverr is a place where you “click and buy” interesting funny stuff and graphics. It’s not a place where you actually get to hire a designer to work with you. If you are a buyer, you should realize that in graphic design community there is a very old bad joke about $50 logos (not $5, but $50!). That joke comes from the time when people with basic Photoshop skills started representing themselves as graphic designers, and offering $50-$100 “logo designs” services. It’s joke because every graphic artist on earth knows that you simply cannot create a logo for so cheap. For example if you go to Fragglesrock with a $50 budget for the logo, you will receive 60+ proposals from people who all produce so awful graphics that in a long run will make more damage than good for your business. So I’m not really sure why on earth would anyone even dare to ask changes to a $5 graphic… Pay $5 for a graphic, call it a logo, and if you don’t like it, just hire someone else.

Reply to @bnbappe: This is perhaps one of the best examples of the value here on fiverr. We see this in design, voice-over, etc. We also see people who are passionate about a particular hobby be able to monetize what they do, helping them become even more proficient at what they love.

Sometimes you stumble on people who are really good at their hobby, but who don’t use these skills for their regular employment. This is a great marketplace to find those people, or to develop your own craft.

Great post.

I was also looking at your Gigs… - basically it says - what you can give for $5.

Basically to clear the description you can say

For $5

For Complex work contact me before ordering something of that sort - and the charges could vary…

  • So get the clarity - Agree some times it is tough
  • In Fiverr its about the Rating not the money - trust me - you will get 10 times because of 100% rating - rather having 4.9 rating…

best of luck…


Reply to @vectormoon: Hmm… I’m not sure I completely agree. Yes, you do often get what you pay for, and I’m certainly not an advocate of a $5 branding project either, but there are great values here on fiverr. In fact, I’ve used talent here for services like copyrighting or script writing that were pretty awesome.