Worked on a logo for 6 days continuously


Delivered the most complex design ever did.The buyer added a whole country in his logo.[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]


I hope this wasn’t a 6-day project that only cost the buyer $5. If so, you need to seriously re-think your pricing. A 6-day logo project is worth FAR more than just a single gig. :wink:


If this is one of your first 50 orders, it is a great way to build your account and positive reviews. I had 1 whiteboard video ($5) that a company ordered for a trade show booth. We worked on it for 30 days. The only thing that stopped the revisions was the trade show. I kept an awesome attitude the entire process. I also slowly tighten the scope of what I offer.( not during an order) I had many of those first 100 orders that we time drainers. :roll_eyes: You are not trapped. Build a solid foundation and you will be able to transition. I now average about $50 to $100 an hour. But it was a process and you are not alone in your journey. Think of it this way. People spend $1000s building skills through tech schools in hopes of building their skill or business. If you spend $1000-$2000 in discounts on fiverr to grow your business, it might be a huge deal for you.


@danigraph you are lucky in this case he could have ask for adding whole world lol :sweat_smile:


such jobs can be a bit frustrating you just gotta keep going, and please the buyers


I even asked to cancel the order once but he decline so i have to do it at any cost because i was afraid that he would leave a mean review.


of course it was a basic package


I see. Then you appear to have given away a lot more work than the buyer actually paid for. The general consensus is that a $5 order should only take 15-20 minutes to complete.