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Working 24 Hours on Fiverr. Investing my best efforts to survive in Market

A Marketing Graduate with diplomas in Arts and Design one day found fiverr and start working here. Now I have served many clients but working very hard to build my bright career on Fiverr. Guys i humbly request you all to give me the honest advice for my career. I am 23 Years old with a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. I’ll appreciate your serious advice. Thanks a lot

What do you mean you’re working 24-hours on Fiverr? Exhausting yourself won’t help you. A tired graphic designer is more likely to make mistakes. Don’t believe me? I come from the ad agency world, have you ever gone home at 3am only to go back to work at 9am? How did you feel that day? I was brain dead. Whatever enthusiasm I had the day before was long gone. I could barely think.

So protect your brain, get plenty of rest, you’ll need it.

hello, its nice you are working 24 hours in fiverr. You need better assistance and tips for sells you need to go on “FIVERR TIPS”" section and read "“Tips of Sellers”"

very helpful information mentioned here

Reply to @webexpert1313: Thanks a lot Dear. At this stage, Every single tip is much precious for me and every seller is senior to me.

Reply to @silberma1976: I am very pleased to have such supportive comments by you. I am working very hard, meeting new people daily to have advises. Thanks again please pray for me and my career.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thanks Sir but the problem what I am facing now is my career. I am very serious about it and It is my thought that if I go towards taking rest, My career will be ruined. I m not sure is it disease or something else but I am very frustrated these days. Thank you for your expert opinion. It means a lot to me

Reply to @sobanshah29: Well, good luck to you. I hope Fiverr isn’t your only source of income.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thank you Dear. I am trying to expand. Need your Prayers and support. Thanks again

Guys I’ve designed New Poster for my Gig promotion please hv an expert eye. Open for suggestions.

Guys I’ve designed New Poster for my Gig promotion please hv an expert eye. Open for suggestions.