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Working for 17 day just for 5$ what a buyer

i have been working for a guy for about 17 days…i made his order but his revision doesn’t ends,now he is made at me well i asked for 10$ more for the extra work and for time i am giving you he rejected it by saying you havent done my work in 17 days,woow well if he didnt like it again .Is there anyone who can tell what does counts time or work.we work for 5$ it doesn’t mean we will work for you a month for that…

First, thing are you following the buyer’s instructions or is he suggesting new things each time.

If he is suggesting new things then you are correct and it is not worth $4 (you don’t get $5) for so much work. Write him a nice note with the time you have spent on the project and that his requests go beyond the value of your time and send him a custom order with the new costs. If he gets upset and refuses to pay. Cancel the order and include the reason you are cancelling.

You should also state in your Gig how many revisions are allowed for $5.


Reply to @steixeira: he is suggesting me new things each time after i sent him the update version…