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Working from HOME vs Co-working Space. Your thoughts


Guys, recently two weeks ago I moved to work from a coworking space, previously I used to work from home. Here is my opinion on each of the above-mentioned places.



  • You can work with your underwear.
  • There are no rules on how to behave. I can max out my sound system while working.
  • When you start feeling tired or bored you can do whatever you like and then get back to working in few minutes.


  • There are a lot of distractions, at least for me.
  • Your social skills might get rusty. (doesn’t need to be the case, but it happens)

Co-Working Space:


  • There aren’t any distractions.
  • You can get back at the old office humor, that many people say that they miss it after they started freelancing.
  • NETWORKING - you can meet a lot of new people which will give you a lot of tips.


It’s not home

Everyone, please share your thoughts and previous experiences. :slight_smile:


I agree. I’ve lost any social skills after 7 years of no interaction with friends or former peers. It’s just me and my family all these years - the only “social” “interaction” is going shopping :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, underwear + sonic chaos + heavy procrastination = awesome (to some degree).

Although as @gamunu said, a separate room would be desired, as I can hardly focus on work sometimes due to everyone talking to me or fighting for my attention :frowning:


Home is actually great but need separate rooms/office with no interruption

I hope this tread is a real one because last time you did a great joke :joy: :joy:


Nope, this thread is a real one. LOL

Yeah, definitely if you decide to work from home you need to do it in a separate room. @gamunu you are the man!

@Woofy31 - I would get back to working from home after my rent for the dedicated desk expires because I like to work from home again. I like the heavy procrastination that’s the best thing ever. :smiley:


I’d say this is Number 1! Try and develop close relationships and spread the word about your services.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Yep definitely. I’ve been working from home for three years. Nobody actually knew that I work or that I do something, now a lot of people are requiring my services that aren’t people I know from the internet. I got two job offers from local companies, but they pay a lot less that I can make by freelancing so I haven’t replied to them.


The environment of a Co-working space brings about a certain type of inspiration that I simply cannot get from home, but I much prefer my home office, because all rules and bets are off. When I go the co-working route, I roll with WeWork downtown as I love the process of driving to the capital and walking in an office.

I typically do this on Fridays leading into a busy weekend. Also, being in the midst of others who take risks by having unconventional careers makes me feel normal as I don’t have to go into great detail to explain terms like; ‘web entrepreneur’, ‘growth hacker’ and ‘product creator’ to people. The Friday networking events at WeWork are pretty radical too, but (for me) nothing beats being in the comfort of my home office.


A home office is the best thing for me. I want to have fun when I leave the house (not go out to work). I’m self-employed because I like working from home :slight_smile:


As you probably already sensed, there are divided opinions. Due to your services, your character, and many other things either alternative can work best for you. As for me, I’m working in a recording studio, co-working isn’t really possible. Only in big cities where you can share studios with other engineers.

Also, you should think about the additional costs. Do they justify the gain you’ll get from a co-working space? Or would it be even better to just schedule lunch every day of your week with another person (family, friend, acquaintance, stranger), keep working from home, and grow your ROI?


The co-working space is somewhat cheap, 30 euros a month or that is about $40, but I just prefer to work from my home desk. Which isn’t really an office, but my small room that’s messy 90% of the time. :))


Since we live in the countryside, there is not a co-working space in my area. But I never liked a co-working space anyway when we still lived in the capital city. I prefer home.

Now about distraction, since I don´t have kids and my husband has his own office in the house, the only distractions I get is my dogs, which I like. I like it when they hang out around me when I edit videos for my Youtube channel or do something else. They are funny. :slight_smile:

About social life getting rusty, I only keep in touch with a few really good friends which I still meet once in a while (once in a while I also hang out with a few neighbours). But actually the more I get older, the more I don´t want to stay in touch with too many people anymore. And things that I do don´t require me to keep a good social life anyway, even when sometimes I get to dog sit people´s dogs, it´s not like I have to hang out with the dog owners, I hang out with their dogs. So… :slight_smile:

˝The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog. ˝ - Mark Twain. (Edited: turned out it´s ˝learn˝ , not ˝know˝. Same - same but different)


There are chances of distraction at co-working space as well.


Home. Sweet 20 characters home.


Some days I wish I could be more portable with voiceovers. However what I enjoy a lot is recording everything together at home, and then taking my laptop out to a cafe or library and editing everything there. It’s a nice change of scenery from my lonely dark room :slight_smile:


That’s a good one! :slight_smile:



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