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Working hard but no jobs yet

Please give suggestions to improve my gig. Still no work


i just checked your account you need to optimize your so that you gather more sell

please tell me how?Sorry about my language

you need more and more support to stand on this platform you need to gather skill and also need to publish your gig right category with right keyword

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thanks you for the advice. I will try to improve

I made some changes to my gig

Hi there, I just looked at your gig and it honestly looks great. Here are some few suggestions I would like to make:

  1. Maybe try to reduce the line spaces in your gig description. I feel the spacing is too much and might cause your potential clients to lose interest.
  2. Something I’ve realized is that no matter how great your gig is if nobody knows it’s out there, you would still have low sales. So here’s a tip: Try to send out the maximum 10 buyer requests every day. I understand that you might not get 10 requests you would love to apply for, but the keyword is try. Monitor times when buyer requests pop up and apply consistently.
  3. Don’t expect to get replies or sales from every buyer request. You could be lucky, but don’t expect it. You could get just one sale from 50 buyer requests or 1 sale from 10. It’s fine. It’s one sale more than you previously had. Edit your buyer request proposal till you find what works. Google ideas on this too. Also be polite and confident when you are sent a message or an inquiry by a potential buyer. (Ensure that all your replies and actions are within Fiverr’s TOS)
  4. Search for high ranking gigs related to your service and get ideas from them. Please don’t copy and paste. However, it would help to see what others in your field are doing.
  5. I know it can be discouraging when sales are not coming in, but stay resilient and determined. Take a break if you need to as well.

I really hope you find this helpful and that you make huge sales soon!


thank you for the valuable information

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In your “word cloud. art” gig you say “If you need more than 30 words. Please purchase one gig more.”
But the Premium package allows up to 50 words. They could just purchase the premium package if they need 50.

Also instead of asking them to purchase multiple gigs couldn’t you create an extra for the different things like if they needed the high res .pdf? Though you don’t say what resolution the normal .pdf is that you send.

Maybe an FAQ section could be added for more info.