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Working hard on SEO, yet not getting orders

I am a LinkedIn Profile Optimizer.
Based in Canada, I am currently looking to engage customers. I have done a lot of work on my Fiverr SEO, still I am unable to get inquiries.

Wondering how to go about?
Any help please?

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Hi @hammadsiddiq599,
I suppose a lot of new sellers struggle with this. It’s a fairly common isse - one that shouldn’t be hard to overcome. I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction, and I’ll start by giving you some questions to think about.

  1. Why are you on Fiverr?
    Are you simply on fiverr to make a load of cash? Or are you here to provide real value, and quality service to real people, and satisfy them as best you can?
    You’ll probably have experience yourself with inexperienced, unskilled people going on Fiverr and trashing the place with low-quality gigs, trying to squeeze every single penny out of people they possibly can. This approach doesn’t work. Instead, make sure you’re looking to deliver real value. That’s all there is to say. If you’re not here to deliver value, that’d explain why you’re not making any sales.

2.Are you targeting specific niches?
It’s impossible to get to the top of the search results unless you do it the “back alley” way. I’d suggest that you possibly narrow your gig down, and make it appeal to less, but more specific people. That way, with a target audience, e.g (“I will optimise LinkedIn profiles for Company Owners, or I will SEO your professional linkedin profile”"), every person who uses more specific search terms (typically serious buyers), will see your result higher up. The more niche you go, the less competition you’ll have, an the higher up the page you’ll be.

  1. Are your sales strategies working?
    Have you utilized your description correctly? It should be littered with “call to action” statements, such as “MESSAGE ME NOW”. This pushes away hesitation for any given buyers, since they know you’re ready and willing to speak to them about their demands. And guess what else it does? Once they’ve made initial contact, are you making a polished sales pitch? If you’re not, that explains everything.

I hope this helps in some manner,

Thank you for the question!

Thanks for a great response. I have already started implementing ideas you have provided.

Looking forward to more tips and ideas.

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