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Working here has made me a better artist but I want my full tips


Working with clients in order to complete gig, a concept or just an idea can be a pain but also very rewarding in therms of skills! It’s very hard work to fulfill clients expectations but at the very end… the easiest way to be better at whatever it is that you do! let’s call it ART! :smiley: just one thing… Fiverr: please let us have our hole tips! don’t take money from it too! :frowning: that’s our hard work being rewarded. PLEASE!


True! In restaurants here, the waiters who get tips don’t pay any fees or taxes on those tips, they’re theirs to fully keep. And no, I’m not comparing Fiverr with a restaurant lol! But I’m comparing the tipping system, which I think should be the same.


I know right? we should get louder about this! I love Fiverr but I love getting my full tips as well :slight_smile:


And from what I see, Fiverr’s Terms of Service page doesn’t mention anything about tips and the fees being applied to them :frowning:

It says about total payment, which has nothing to do with the tip that is sent after that total payment. It says about the “time of purchase” payment, but nothin’bout the tip…

Is Fiverr breaking their own ToS for taking part of the tips without showing any fee info about it there? :smiley:


Wow i didnt know that


Yes! They’re breaking their own ToS and that is just wrong! If anyone on the Fiverr team are reading this… please hear us out and do something about it.


Glad to see that you find this info helpful! :slight_smile: let´s do something about it! :smiley:


If you want this topic to have better chances at being seen, you should edit it and change the category to “Fiverr Site Suggestions” instead of “my fiverr gigs”, that way Fiverr can see the suggestions :wink:


OMG you’re right! thank you so so much for that suggestion.


There’s an article about tips in the Help section. It explains the 20% that Fiverr takes, too.


I agree with this, would perhaps increase tips too… I did not realize this was happening until I read this, and you are correct


Thank you! I just read it and I still think they could lower the % to 10% don’t you think?


I know! this is just wrong! They should charge maybe only 10% not 20% :cry:


And heres wat evry never know
Fiverr also deduct once buyer will request/buy a gig from the sellers and that depend on the amount of the gig lets just say 20% for the buyer and 20% for the seller
And here is the big wow!!! Once seller moved to seller level 1 the % of deduction of seller is guest how much??? Secretttttttt lol


There is a reason why fiverr deducts from tips. Lets say you have a gig worth 50$ so you ask the buyer to place an order for only 5$ then tip you the rest of the money. In the end fiverr will get 20% of 5$ instead of 50$. People will use this method to try and work the system.


Hmm, I haven’t thought of this one… it’s amazing (and sad) how people find a workaround on everything! :confused:


What makes you so sure and 100% that this could happen? I don’t break rules, because I know them and I haven’t done anything to break them.

I simply expressed my opinion on this matter, and I showed how Fiverr forgot to mention the tip fees in their Terms of Service page. I see nothing dangerous with that. I also saw the OP make a suggestion in the wrong Forum category, so I suggested the OP to move his suggestion in the suggestions category - how am I of fault here?

And isn’t this the forum’s purpose: of sharing ones opinions about a subject and giving suggestions to Fiverr? That’s why Fiverr allows us to make suggestions :wink: It was just a suggestion, I don’t see how a suggestion is dangerous.

So try to not make such dangerous claims about me or other people, because it almost felt like a threat :confused: Why did you try to make me look bad when I didn’t do anything bad? I didn’t even make this suggestion in the first place, it was not mine to make. I simply tried keeping the forum organized.


Fiverr you can have 20% of my tips since you have earned them right along with me by providing this great site. Without you there would be no tips. You have my gratitude for being the perfect business partner.


Unfortunately, it would be open to abuse. We all suffer because some people are dishonest.