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Working in a saturated market

There are many others like me if not better at what I do and it’s quite hard to get noticed.


This is common in any business. What do you think you can do to be more eye-catching, and more appealing to your target customers?

It is hard to get noticed, but the more creative and determined you are, the more likely you will indeed be noticed by those who need your services. Competition is part of being a freelancer. Find the things unique to you that set you apart from your competition. Then, build upon those unique things, and build a name for yourself as a seller people absolutely need to hire.


how can I target customers?

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Well, what are your target customers looking for? And how can you solve their needs with the services you offer?


Well, you position yourself as the better option.

Understand your potential customers, spy on your competition and create a terrific value proposition that would be hard for a potential customer to resist.

When you get one, promise 1 mile, but go 3 miles.

About your gig, there are a couple of stop words that a potential buyer would pass on you.

Then, befriend the buyer request section of Fiverr…


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Still trying to figure out the uniqueness in my services but thanks.

As a copywriter, I spend a lot of time writing about why people should choose a particular business. Most of them are small and pretty new. There are often plenty of larger, more successful companies that are doing more. But the small companies have advantages that the large companies don’t. They’re just different advantages.

You don’t have to do everything better than other people. Covering your bases and doing one thing better than most others can get you customers. For example, maybe you deliver faster than other sellers. Maybe you charge better rates. Maybe you provide something extra in your packages that others don’t. Maybe your communication is fantastic. Maybe you make your customers laugh, so they just enjoy working with you.

Over time, of course, you will become better in many areas, and you’ll attract more customers and/or better rates accordingly.

I hope that helps. Good luck!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

What can you do besides drawing anime style avatars vexel style portraits?

Your description reads: “digital photography, digital art, graphic design and video editing”

And yet I don’t see any gigs related to that, with the exception of two graphic design gigs.

I’m assuming you’re a level 0. That’s OK, you can have 7 active Gigs, which means you should create more gigs, and not clone gigs, but different gigs. Maybe you can create video intros, trailers, perhaps you can design web banners, flyers, maybe illustrate children’s books, etc. You can also search on Fiverr to see what exists and what doesn’t exist already.

For example, I searched “chocolate” and found a seller that
will design a Chocolate, candy, cookie or Bakery logo.

That is quite brilliant, what a way to stand out from other logo sellers.

My point is you can get noticed, you just have to be a little different than everyone else.


Hello PROs, I am a newbie and all I do for now is to send buyer’s request, I need help!!!

On the multiple gigs part, how many gigs do you recommend that is manageable for a person like me. I currently have two since I thought it would be too hectic to have more than that since I am a full time student.

I noticed that your delivery times are high compared to the competition: 10 days for a single drawing (no full body, no background) to 18 days (two figures, full body, background). If you can’t handle more than one order at a time, and you get for example three orders of the “basic” package in a month, you end up earning $12/month after the Fiverr cut. Try to do something that is in the 2-5 days range at least.


You have no orders in your queue, so you can create more gigs. Can you do a job in 15 minutes or less? If not, you might need higher prices or longer delivery dates.

With that said, I think you have more time than you think. There are many full-time students who work a part time job (20 hours a week), and still manage to get good grades and graduate.

My rule on Fiverr is never do anything that takes more than 15 minutes.

That rule may work for some gigs but not for all of them…

How is anyone supposed to translate or even proofread 1000 words in just 15 minutes??? :roll_eyes:

I would like to know how do you do it yourself on your translation gig and proofreading gig.

I too, offer translation & proofreading services and I’m very proud of myself when I say that I read and write fast (and I mean very fast) but, 15 minutes??? :flushed: That’s simply not possible :smirk:


I have stellar reviews on that gig, and I can do 1,000 words in 15 minutes. I did get paid $80 for a 10,000 word job, and that one took me 4 hours if I remember correctly. I negotiated the price, but looking back, it wasn’t worth 4 hours of my time.

Besides, with the imminent danger of refunds, why would I want to work 4 hours for $0?

Well, I guess fastcopywiter is fast. :running_man: :running_shirt_with_sash:

I too proofread, but I also moderately rewrite. No way can I do 1,000 words in 15 minutes. :roll_eyes:


Sometimes rewriting is required for syntax correction, I also do it. If not, proofreading would have no sense.


Is the buyer request working for you?

I promise the next time I get 1,000 words to proofread, I will turn on my stop watch and see how long it takes. I know that proofreading more than 1,000 words bores me to tears. I once had to translate a 10,000 word document, I think it took me 4-8 hours, the deadline was in 7 days, so I was able to do a little bit each day.

My point is each seller has to find something easy. If all we do is complicated, time-consuming stuff, then our prices will have to be a lot higher, and our refund loses will be substantial. Until Fiverr offers some kind of refund insurance, I don’t see the point of time-consuming projects.