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Working not working?

I just notice a new tweet by Fiverr about this site

Any idea what is this?

You pay 400$ and you can use everyone on site for a month?

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From what I have heard in the past, no that’s not how it works.

The fee is for the companies to be able to tap into the talent that is registered on the website.

The talent command their own rates on top of that.

It was considered to be a sort of LinkedIn for extremely creative people, targeting large ad agencies. Which I am assuming is why Fiverr made that move, as they want expand their positioning in that corner of the market.

So there was a lot of overlap with this website, hence the acquisition.

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Oh so this is pre-existing thing? Never heard of it. Thank you.

Yes this platform is not that new.

Some extremely talented folks have accounts on there.

However, feel free to do a bit of research on Twitter on how that segment of artists reacted to the news.

There’s some pushback to say the least.


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That is why I was puzzled. And intrigued.