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Working on Fiverr as a Seller

I, being a seller on Fiverr for a long time now believe that this platform is really one of the Top ones that really offers skilled sellers a great opportunity to become a freelance star - But you must keep in mind some things if you’re just starting out:

  1. Your have to be patient - it won’t take long before your gigs start getting the spotlight after getting your first few orders
  2. You should have some quality work displayed on your gigs (you shouldn’t just post anything) put some of your quality work there to show buyers what you got
  3. Try understanding what your Buyer requires and engage theme properly by responding to them ASAP
  4. Always be CAREFUL - this is very important - where you have a door in front of you leading to great opportunities, you can’t go careless and start violating Fiverr’s TOS in some manner - I strongly recommending that you go through the TOS atleast once (don’t be lazy and do it :slightly_smiling_face:)

I’d be happy to answer the questions you guys may have to help to as much extent as possible

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