Working on Fiverr for the new freelancers: Tough Time and need Suggestions


I’m Mubashir. I am a new Digital Marketer new on Fiverr. I had done a lot of works on the local market places but facing a little problem on Fiverr. I have years of experience but buyers aren’t ordering any of my gigs… Expressions are growing up but hardly having any order :frowning:

What to do?


update your GIG and cover letter. must be send buyer request then your gig will be sell


You say you will provide your buyers with brand new Facebook or Twitter Pages/Groups. Isn’t selling a Facebook page against Facebook’s Terms of Service?

Also, 250 friend requests for new Facebook accounts: is that allowed (not to mention that it sounds like a fake).

Anyway, if you’re really a digital marketing expert, surely you can use your expertise to market your services and get sales for your gigs.


Suggest me a better way then :slight_smile:


Don’t do anything that violates a third party’s Terms of Service. It’s up to you to make sure that what you’re offering is allowed.


You’re a Digital Marketing expert, teach us your secrets. :smile:
Years of experience doesn’t mean you’ll get an influx of buyers.