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Working on my dreams!

Exited to get started on fiverr! First step to having my own counselling practice in the future!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr! I wish you luck on this new journey! If you have any questions take a look on the forums, or just ask!

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Goodluck! You can do it Caroline. :muscle:


Welcome to Fiverr.

Thank you so much!

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Welcome to Fiverr Forum
best wishes. :slightly_smiling_face:

keep it up & welcome

If I may offer:
I’m pretty sure you can up your English in your profile to ‘fluent’. Unless someone wrote your page for you, you’re clearly a native speaker. (Also, my first thought on reading your gig title was ‘can she offer financial advice?’ which after a quick skim is clear that’s not part of your offer, but you might want to put that in the gig FAQ. Second, much of what you have written up for your profile description looks like it should be in the gig description. The profile version is more of an ‘about you’ place, and if you decide to offer different gig, will show in all them like that.)

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Welcome To Fiverr Forum.

Good Luck

Welcome caroline_2210! Best wishes for success!

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