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Working on third order since 3 weeks

Hello Fiverr,
So I got an order of 45$ for usability testing of website or application. Here is the link:

The buyer is not satisfied yet. Keeps on requesting new revision. I’m just being patient. Doing whatever he is telling to do so. Hoping he will accept soon.
Wish me luck!

Good luck! (20 characters)

20 characters? Please explain

Fiverr requires each reply to have at least 20 characters and “Good Luck!” wasn’t 20 characters, so I just added some extra words!


I have been in this situation before with buyers (you do list unlimited revisions which I would never suggest having for this very reason).

Depending on your gig order and what you have promised to deliver, you can push back to a buyer if you have done everything that has been agreed. 3 weeks of work for $45 is crazy and unless your not delivering what has agreed on then I would push back and say the work has been completed and anymore revisions would require additional purchases.


All the best… :v:

Great news!
Good luck for you😀
Keep it up.

Sometimes a buyer will keep requesting revisions over and over until you cancel the order, they still have the file you gave them but their money was refunded and your money lost. Some bad buyers might employ this technique. When this happens, you usually have to cancel the order so you don’t keep getting pestered and keep having to do revisions. If the buyer requests more than 5ish revisions, time to get little suspicious. Then again, they might be doing nothing wrong. You have to be careful.

My gig is about usability testing. I have made complete report and delivered to him. I found out he is the middle man taking order from companies and giving it on Fiverr. Now, he is in contact with the company sharing my report, whatever issue I have found yet, has been updated on website but still buyer says I don’t understand this and that, still making more revisions.

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I see you have three revisions listed on your gig. Do you have a gig extra for additional revisions? If you do, I would respond to their next revision request with an offer to add an extra revision to their order. You should be compensated for additional work. Best of luck!

after this experience, I just updated my gig

I’m glad you’ve updated to limit revisions, but you should also use your FAQ section to define what a revision means.

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