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Working @ Sea

Hi there I m going to work at Sea again and would like to know if there is anything I can do besides suspending my gig’s? One month Vacation mode isn’t surely enough though! Since I be gone for at least 4 month.

Thank you for suggestions.

Unfortunately, suspending your gigs can cause you to seriously lose any standing or ranking in the search results, but obviously vacation mode isn’t going to work for you, either. Perhaps you can suspend the gigs in which you must personally complete the work, but have a trusted friend or relative run the gig for you which is the templates in a text file, something that you don’t have to do personally. If that’s not possible, then another suggestion would be to contact customer support, explain your dilemma, and ask if they could temporarily suspend your account but leave it intact as it is, until you are home again. (If your time at sea is related to military service, perhaps you can ask them nicely to do this as a favor for a serviceperson out protecting her fellow citizens…wouldn’t hurt!)