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Working together... VA+Content Writer+Designer=$300/day

As a Virtual Assistant, I’m now earning over $300/day with all my leads coming from fiverr. Now I need help in handling the growth of my client list. I’m based out of California in the United States and work with talented individuals from all over the world.

Currently I’m looking to outsource $200-$300 per day… so if you have great English speaking skills and a growing talent for either Content Writing or Graphic Design - let’s connect!

Youtube “Hire Virtual Assistant Iris” or Google “Virtual Assistant Iris” to check me out.

Looking forward to working with you!


and how many hours of work does someone need to put in to get $200 per day? And what kind of virtual assistant work are you looking for specifically?

Also, trying to get people to connect with you by going off the Fiverr website is against the terms of use. You should be having someone check you out there on Fiverr, not sending people to outside sources to then contact you there.

i’m good in design and You can count on me !