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Working too hard for orders! How could I optimize my pricing?

The gig in question:

Hi all, first of all thanks for stopping by and helping me out.

I started this gig about maybe 2 months ago - and got a modest amount of orders. It was manageable… one or two a week… I basically write bios for musicians.

I’m now at a point where I’m getting about 5 orders a week, and that’s a big chunk of my time (I work a full-time job), and rarely have any time to relax anymore! I guess I got what I wanted, more orders than I can handle - but I don’t feel the money really adds up considering what I get paid at my full-time job…

I write every bio as if they were my own, and put a lot of effort into them. One bio takes me sometimes an hour or more to complete.

I have it set up so that $5 will only get buyers an 80-100 word bio, which is essentially not enough words to really cover much at all. It’s a very basic bio.

The money shot is hoping they purchase the feature to ‘upgrade their bio to 150-250 words’. Which gets most of my orders to an average of $15.

I even started a Tumblr blog where I showcase the bios, and charge as an optional extra, but nobody ever orders this lol. I guess it’s not really set up in a way that offers ‘value’, as I don’t have a following on there. I mean the page hasn’t even been crawled by Google yet after 3 weeks jeez!

Here is the blog: [unapproved link removed]
Only one person has ordered the Skype call feature, so that hasn’t performed very well… I think I will ditch this…

Had 3 or 4 tips, so that’s been nice to have as an extra and I think I’ll keep that.

Any tips on how I could improve my pricing structure so that I can increase my average order to hit $20 and above?

Thank you!

Edit: I made some changes to the pricing. So I divided the price : word limit ratio into 3…

80 word bio: $5 basic offer
160 word bio : $10
250 word bio : $15

Going to see how this pans out!