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Working with a Buyer from a Different Timezone is so Difficult

Honestly, my current buyer and my timezone difference isn’t really that large. They’re like, 8 hours ahead of me. But for some reason, we just can’t seem to catch each other online.

What’s worse is that they ordered without sending me a message first and caught me at the worst timing possible! They ordered hours before I had to leave for a trip, and the gig they ordered from promises a 24-hour delivery!

And now four days later, we still haven’t agreed on an outcome because we just aren’t able to catch each other online for the past few days! I’ve asked for an extension twice now and I’m really worried I might still end up delivering late AND getting a bad review!

(I’ve tried staying up as late as 2AM just so we could work on the piece but still, no luck!)

You should suggest a fix time for this.

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My Lord! I’ve asked five times regarding how they feel about my latest update but they never comment on it! They just keep rushing me and telling me they need it soon (it’s 2 hours from now!!) or else they’d ask for a refund. I’m starting to panic!

Stop asking and just deliver. That’ll stop the delivery clock and they can ask for revisions after that. :slightly_smiling_face:


They don’t have much revisions left and I’m worried that I might risk an unsatisfied buyer leaving a negative review, but will keep in mind if they fail to respond within the next hour. Thank you!

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I’m so sorry about this, girl! I just had the same problem, two great buyers in a row, but a literal 12 hour time difference. They would always make requests or ask questions at around 2am my time, and I would respond when they were already asleep, so we wouldn’t have a resolution for questions until over a day later. I think Fiverr needs to make a genuine fix for this-- I notice they’ve added a “It’s night time for your buyer right now” at the top, haha, but that doesn’t really help at all with countdowns. However, it’s a step in the right direction!

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Yeah, I’ve been in this situation last week and the sad part is that because of this, I lost a buyer…because I only read his message like 5 hours after he posted it (it was 3 am in my time when he posted) …Im not even sure how to prevent this from happening again

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Actual it is all about our mind set. I had worked for a buyer from USA with 12 hours time difference. ( She is a teacher) And we only exchange messages at evening or at morning time… And She was very quick to replay.

I guess every buyer don’t use fiverr apps to communicate with their seller. So they don’t get the messages at the right time.

Again I had worked for a Spanish Buyer who use google translator to translate his words into English and often google failed to translate his words as he wanted it. But Still we had a great communication.

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I’ve had buyers from such a big time difference as well! It astounds me however, how I had a better experience with that of a buyer with a 12-hour difference than with that of 8 hours. The buyer’s willingness to cooperate and communicate sure is a blessing to us, sellers.

It was 5AM when mine placed their order! I typically wake up groggily at 6AM but never really awake enough for anything until much hours later. Receiving an unexpected order at such an early time really woke me up and sent me into a frenzy since I had to leave in a few hours!

I agree, but our mindset can only get us so far! Cooperation from the buyer is also essential to ensure an easy and pleasant business experience. I’ve also had a buyer (a repeat one at that!) who is 12 hours apart from me, and he is, by far, the best and easiest buyer I’ve had. However, my current one… They aren’t responsive and always unavailable, which makes it difficult for me to conjure a satisfactory product. I’ve delivered twice, but had to make revisions for both! I really need their opinion to come up with something they’d like!

You might find it easier to offer revisions after you’ve delivered than before the due delivery time - less chance of running out of time then. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’ve delivered using the ‘deliver now’ button, the clock will actually have stopped even if it says LATE.


I had two buyers who sent me an order and We had not exchanged any messages during or after delivering the order, because They were in offline. And after 3 days those orders had completed automatically.

I’ve had a look at this during my current order, but it costs an extra $5 which I don’t want to use for this particular order. I recognize that this is due to the set up of my gig, but I’d like to keep it as is.

Yes, but it affects my On-Time Delivery stats. I’ve delivered late on my first order due to technical complications and I’ve been trying to get a decent percentage since then to be eligible for a rank up.

Not if your first delivery is before the deadline. :wink:


I’ve done this before with a different buyer. However, this particular buyer always rejects my delivery and asks for a revision so I decided to communicate first before delivering again. And now, they’ve set up a two-hour deadline! Of course, if they stay unresponsive within these two hours, I will definitely deliver again, but this puts buyer-satisfaction at risk which is what worries me. Since they seem to be able to check the order every once in a while, they’re sure to be able to leave a negative review if they wish to.

Really? Oh my god, thank you for telling me this! I’ve made a topic on here before asking about this, but nobody replied so I assumed that it would still be marked as late. Thank you!


Absolutely. That’s what revisions are for.

This won’t help you on the current situation, but for the future: whenever I’m heading out on vacation or will otherwise be unavailable for a few days, I start my Out of Office mode no less than 24 hours prior to me leaving. That way, I don’t get any last-minute orders right before I leave.


Upon receiving that order, I did remember about this feature and contemplated on using it. But after having a quick check on the forums, I’ve seen a handful of sellers saying that it affects your gig stats so I’ve been cautious about it. But seeing as you’ve used it before, does using it drastically affect your stats? I mean, even after using the feature? Just like how other sellers say that you shouldn’t edit your gigs, because it removes you from the gig search? My stats have been low enough as it is lately, I’d hate to see it get worse after using it just for one day.

Fiverr’s algorithms for gig stats are utterly absurd. The only real thing they accomplish is to make sellers afraid to try and change anything on their profiles. Ever.

I use Out-of-Office whenever I’m away, and I’ve not really noticed a difference. It’s a tool that’s there, and it keeps orders from coming in while I’m away. It turns off your gig, and it turns off your inbox.

Note from Fiverr’s own FAQ, if you click the “Allow new buyers to contact me” option, that means folks can still send you messages while you’re out. If that happens and you don’t respond, it does affect your response time and response rate.

Personally, I never select that option so that I don’t have to watch my inbox while I’m away.

The FAQ also notes that, the longer you are away, the better the chance that your gig ranking will go down. But… whatever. I’d rather have to climb that a little when I’m back than to deal with deadlines and messages messing up the start of my vacation.


Agreed. Thank you for this. Will make sure to use the feature in the future!

Hey! I find myself needing to stop Fiverr work rather often, especially in summer season, I’m often away or overbooked and I found that pausing gigs doesn’t mess with your stats at all. Vacation mode took weeks to get me where I was though. Also, you can set ‘limit orders in queue’ so once you’ve reached the amount you’ve set your gig is paused. I use that to avoid panicky moments when everyone orders at once at the worst possible moment haha :smiley:

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