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Working with a buyer who haven't accepted my offer

Hi. I am new to fiverr. A buyer wants to work with me and we have set all the details about the order. But when I created the offer, the buyer didn’t accept it even I told them too. They replied about having an issue while accepting the offer. Shall I continue to work with them? Help me out, please. Thanks.


Sounds a bit fishy to me.

I’d cancel the order and move on.

But that’s me.


Until they accept the offer, there is nothing to work with.

Sometimes scammers target new sellers by saying there is a problem with accepting the order - they then offer reassurances that you should start work and they’ll sort the problem. Don’t believe this.

If you are worried that they might be trying to scam you, then withdraw your custom offer.

I’m not saying there are scamming you, just that it’s a recognised scam. Only you can decide.


It depends on your level of English and understanding from the tone of his messages is he honest or not.

Ask him to try again or to buy directly from your package and you will then in order provide with extras.


He is obviously lying, nothing has to be started until he clicks.

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The buyer didn’t fill the wallet from paypal account.

thank you so much all of you, i will see what i can do!

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No order = no work.

There is nothing to debate here. Tell the person that you’ll be happy to work with them as soon as they order and pay for the service in full.