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Working with a silent buyer

It’s been almost two months since I entered Fiverr and I really wanted to use my skills here, but unfortunately my first customer took that hope away from me!
He needed a logo that looked like an attachment, and I provided it in quality but got no answer! I said this is your logo. Is it acceptable or should I edit it? But I did not receive an answer and after three days I received a “ok can deliver job” feedback with two points. I can no longer offer to buyers and this is very upsetting for a new seller and also no one has visited my profile to get a good rating.
I hope it was a good experience for new sellers.

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It happens.

I think you ended up dealing with a new Buyer who doesn’t quite understand how Fiverr works.

Or, you got scammed.

Or, the Buyer just happens to be a poor communicator.

It’s too bad for you, but after you get some more jobs completed, this one won’t matter anymore.

Don’t let it get you down.

There are a lot of um, sketchy Buyers out there.


I sent the exact same attached logo in different formats and did not receive a reply. The problem is that I have to wait a long time

The Buyer could also be a very busy business owner.

We don’t know what the situation is at the other end when we get an order.

Just do your best, be patient and move on.