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Working with my first Gig

Hi everyone

My name is Anders, Denmark.

As the headline says, I am working on creating my first Gig. I am ONLY concentrated on a Basic package instead of 3 different packages.

In the second step of the process, “Scope & Pricing”, I have some “issues”:

“Revisions”: The number of tweaks to offer in a package. I am in doubt about what “tweaks to offer” mean here…?

“Focus Keywords”: The focus keywords indicated. Are these keywords the ones, I selected from “Search Tags” in step 1?

“Topic Research”: Provide an in-depth online research into the buyer´s chosen topic. Should this be necessary for a Basic package? Confessed, I am not sure, what this providing thing actually means. Sorry. Please advice, thanks.

“References & Citations”: The same goes for this one.

“Data Chart”: The same goes for this one.

Any kind of helpful advice would be HIGHLY appreciated…! Thanks.

Greeting, Anders Christensen, Denmark


CONGRATULATIONS:slightly :slightly_smiling_face: GREAT WORK BEST OF LUCK

The number of modifications (after delivery) included in your gig price.

All the other criteria vary depending on what you’re actually offering as part of your gig?

If you’re not sure what these are, then perhaps you’re trying to put your gig in the wrong category for what you want to offer?

What is it you’re trying to offer please? If you give some more info,I’m sure others will be able to help you better.

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