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Working with my Gig, to offer an article up to 500 words

Hi everyone

My name is Anders, Denmark.

As the headline says, I am working on creating my first Gig regarding writing an article. The text here is an edited version of the previous one for better understanding for viewers/readers.

I am ONLY concentrated on a Basic package instead of 3 different packages.

In the second step of the process, “Scope & Pricing”, I have some “issues”:

“Revisions”: The number of tweaks to offer in a package. I am in doubt about what “tweaks to offer” mean here…?

“Focus Keywords”: The focus keywords indicated. Are these keywords the ones, I selected from “Search Tags” in step 1?

“Topic Research”: Provide an in-depth online research into the buyer´s chosen topic. Should this be necessary for a Basic package? Confessed, I am not sure, what this providing thing actually means. Sorry. Please advice, thanks.

“References & Citations”: The same goes for this one.

“Data Chart”: The same goes for this one.

Any kind of helpful advice would be HIGHLY appreciated…! Thanks.

Greeting, Anders Christensen, Denmark