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World Cup Predictions

My predictions for the World Cup are


Germany beat Brazil 2-1

Argentina beat Netherlands 1-0


Germany beat Argentina 1-0

Your thoughts?

Germany beat Brazil 0-1

Argentina beat Netherlands 1-2

Final Brazil beat Netherlands 2-0

Unfortunately my favorite teams are out (Chile and Columbia) so I guess all I have left is to predict: :stuck_out_tongue:

Brazil beats Germany at penalties.

Netherlands beats Argentina 3-2

Final: Netherlands beats Brazil at penalties.

My prediction:


Netherlands beats Argentina 1-0

Brazil beats Germany 1-0


Netherlands beats Brazil 2-0

None of us could have predicted todays game! Crazy stuff. 4 of the goals were within 6 minutes!

I’m going to revise my predictions.


Argentina beat Netherlands 2-1

3rd Place playoff

Netherlands beat Brazil 3-1


Germany beat Argentina 4-2

Reply to @creativeman: Craziest game ever. I keept thinking, is this a TV prank? Am I dreaming?

7:1 Butchered

Yay I got that… Argentina beats Netherlands correct. Just not the right score though :">