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World domination and top country?

What is your world domination? What’s your top country?

I’m at 10%, and about 50% of my orders come from the US.

About the same here, 9%, and 56 out of 113 orders come from the US.

yp, I’m at 9% too and 50% is from US. Well, my goal is to reach 100% world domination someday, I guess I will have to get some more clients from around the world. :smiley:

I have no wish for 100% world domination, in fact I would be happy if 100% of my clients were from the US xD

hehe, I take it more like a challenge. :slight_smile:

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Just saying…

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I know, I know, but in my opinion forum already has too much of “Help me get order” and “Check out my gig” so I’m excited when something different pops up (even if talked about before) :smiley:

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