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World Domination Map

World Domination Map is no more at users profiles. Really I miss it! Are you?

I miss it too! I wish they would bring it back and just give users the option to show it or not since not all of us are crazy about it. But I def love it! ;(

It was fun while it lasted! :slight_smile: Edit: It’s still on the analytics page. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see it on analytics page

Yeah!! I used to think it’s the coolest thing on a user’s profile. you can still see it in you analytics page

The only point it really served was to show a potential buyer the amount of sales a seller has had in the past. Now that it shows that right on the profile the Map is kind of useless.

I’ve always thought one thing though… about both the map and the new version.

If you’re going to show the amount of sales a seller has it should at least be accurate. And by accurate I mean that it doesn’t show if a seller has had multiple gigs purchased at once. For example… If a buyer buys 8 gigs in one purchase… it only shows up on the map/Profile page as 1 gig sold, even though the buyer got 8.

Multiple Gig purchases could be, and are often are, used to pay for a single Gig.

Huh? That is true @ricksper but not my point.

My point is that when a buyer orders 8 gigs in one single order it only shows up as 1 gig sold. Even though it is technically 8 gigs sold.

Reply to @bigbadbilly: We disagree. If a buyer orders 8 Gigs because the seller wants $40 to accomplish a particular job, technically, that is only 1 Gig sold IMO. Fiverr has no way to tell the difference.

@ricksper. You say Tomato and I say Tomaato. Anyhow. My point is this. It’s not 1 gig if the seller decides to order 8.

1 gig is 5 bucks and 8 gigs is 40. That’s a huge difference.

And in my case, since I provide Likes through promoting a page… and I can only guarantee a small amount of Likes per page… well… let me put it this way.

I get people all the time who order 8 gigs for 8 different pages.

You wrote:

ricksper said: 8 Gigs because the seller wants $40 to accomplish a particular job, technically, that is only 1

That's not always the case. And, to be honest... if I want to upsell I use the "Gig extras" option.

I also... all the time complete a gig... and then, the seller Ads on another gigs to the order. After I've already delivered the gig.

But to keep it simple let's just keep it simple.

If a seller orders 1 gig that's 5 bucks. But then if he adds on 7 more... that's 40 bucks. And to me... that's 8 gigs. Especailly if they are all for different pages.

Reply to @kjblynx: After showing respect to your comment I want to say that-

’‘World Domination Map’’ was not essential but It was not useless! It helped a seller to represent a better impression when buyer visit the profile of that seller.