World Domination of mine


Hi Guys,
I’d like to see your world domination. Here’s mine. Comment yours below


I am “dominating” 100% of the world. Mostly because I’m just a nice guy that likes to help people. :wink:

(My Fiverr world domination rating is a little lower, but still quite respectable).


You have Cuba and Haiti?

There is virtually no broadband internet access in Cuba. Cuba’s mobile network is limited in its coverage, and uses “second generation” technology, suited to voice conversations and text messaging, but not Internet applications. --Wikipedia

It’s amazing to have sold a gig in Cuba when they don’t have internet.


Maybe someone from Cuba was ‘travelling’ when they placed the order or maybe they now live somewhere else. Well, MAYBE. :smiley:


Here is mine. But it shows me in Afghanistan instead of in Pakistan. This bug has been “introduced” recently.


This is Mine :frowning: only 8% :frowning:


There are lots of public WLAN hotspots in Cuba, like in many parks. The international airports have WLAN too, and some hotels, of course.


Why are you sad about it?


I read about it after you said it and that’s true although it is very limited as to who has it or is able to get it. So I suppose it would include fiverr although I’m not sure if they have Paypal or Payoneer there. So on I go to research that. :slight_smile:

Mar 21, 2016
As President Obama makes his historic visit to Cuba this week, online payments giant PayPal says it’s starting to bring its business to Cuba.


Here is mine


Cheers mate. :+1::+1::+1::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


6% more for the 50. :+1::+1::+1::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


This is my :grin:


I can’t display mine because the sales to Plutonians and Martians are classified. I was asked by the governments of Mars and Pluto not to share the maps. :wink: :alien:


I’ve been at around 70% for a long time.


Yep! Saw you on the cover of Pluto Times, a few days back. I must say, you look a lot younger in a full portrait.


Thank you! I had a little work done by a Venusion surgeon (the best) before my speech at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. :smiley: