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World Domination Score

Hello Fiverrs,
I hope you guys are doing well. I had like to share my world domination score which is now 39%. I was wondering about what is your world domination score! And does it affect on your gigs performance to get more sales? I have completed almost 1000 projects and most of the sales were bought from United States.
Is there anyone who gets 100% world domination score? If yes then how many years you’ve worked on fiverr to complete your world domination or is that all about luck? I searched it on google but didn’t find anyone with 100% world domination score! I would appreciate it if you also share your world domination so that we can see who has the highest score.


39% ?! Thats crazy lol i would LOVE that - i think mine has been at 6% forever lol


Mine is 55% :grinning:

Why 6% forever!
I believe that if you continue working on Fiverr you’re going to make it someday :smiley:

Can you share a screenshot of your world domination? Thanks

Oh I’ve been here a few years, but it seems like all my work comes from the us or Australia lol I’ve literally been at 6% for 2 years lol

17% only :neutral_face:

Really appreciable. Good job done. Carry on. My Best wishes will be always with you…

How many orders you have completed from US?
6% in 2 years is amazing! lol :smiley:

17% isn’t bad. Your doing great and I hope you will get more business with people around the world :slight_smile:

Thanks for your best wishes. I do the same for you! Good Luck

The world domination score only indicates the countries your previous buyers were from. It has absolutely no influence on your gig performance/ranking/sales.

For example, a very successful seller who might be making $10K a month might only be getting orders from customers who are based in Canada or the U.K. This would mean that despite their very successful business, they would only have a world domination score of 3%.

Also, I think it is impossible to have a world domination score of a :100: % considering you would need orders from people who live in such places as Tuvalu and Papua New Guinea (where either the population is too low or where there is no Internet access – which is, unfortunately, required to access Fiverr).

I’ve been stuck at 59% for a while.


59% is far better you have done a great job! Cheers

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Yes your right, I have seen that almost all sellers get 70% of their orders from US, Canada and Australia. However, Those sellers who always get hundreds of orders on daily bases might get more chances to increase their world domination score.

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There are sellers who get a few orders a month and earn more than those people who get 50+ orders a day. :smirk:

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The trick is selling something that 100% of the world needs, which is easier said than done. There’s also the issue of language. A client who needs something in French can’t get it from someone who doesn’t speak French.

Whenever i think something interested to post here i always search just to see if someone else posted it before.
I found out that this guy has 74% score which is crazy awesome

and mine is 22%

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I have 76 now. :grinning:

54 now_ Progress is on :slight_smile: