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World Domination - Who is king? (or Queen!)

I am very curious about the world domination map and it get all excited when I get an order from a new country… I wonder who has dominated the most here? Care to show your world map?



This kind of “world domination” forum topic has been done many, many, many times before. Instead of starting yet another one, you might find it beneficial to search the forums, and see what other sellers have already posted in those many previous discussions on this topic. :wink:


Ah! - Back in me box then! :smiley:


I actually dominated the world some time ago. Giving people their own world domination maps was just something Fiverr did to prevent mass panic.


And stay there this time!

Only kidding. :slight_smile:

I may have dreamt this, but I do kind of recall somebody having 90-100% domination.

The last world domination forum topic was November 2018. What is the time frame for “resurrecting old threads”?

Here is the post from November 18. The OP had 75%.

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Here’s one more from not even 2 months ago:

If I remember correctly there were two other world domination posts from January and March, too. :wink:

When there are already several previous posts on this (not so important) topic from not even 2 months ago, I think it’s better to have a look at the old posts first or wait for a little longer before creating a new one (cuz you might have more people interested in taking part in the conversation this time around). :blush:


Sorry, missed that in my search!

it has been discussed before,there are other posts regarding this …

I actually have a 10% world domination

I am now up to 22% but I see so far @cre8iveartwork are the King :prince:t2: and Queen :princess:t3: with 80%. I wonder if that percentage has grown?:thinking:

I just checked , it appears to be at 80%

Whoops, I remembered wrong.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Corrected! :shushing_face:

thanks for giving this