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Worried About fiverr gig video

Hello Everyone, I have published a gig video 3 days ago. But it still not showing on my gig. I know that it will take up to 24 hours but when it will show on my gig? I’m a little bit worried about it.

Check its length, it should be less than 75 seconds I think. And check its status, it may have been officially rejected. At last, you can contact customer support

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How could I understand if they have rejected it?

In your seller profile, click on gigs, then select the gig for which you’ve uploaded the video. The status ir just under the little thumbnail of the gig?

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Here I can see “Processing Video”. Is it alright?

Conctact customer support. It blocks sometimes like this.

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When you enter to the gig edit you will see that your video is on pending status.
Try to upload the video again after 48 hours if it’s still pending.

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Yeah may be I should try i again. cause its still pending. :persevere: