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Worried about my Gig

I hope you are doing well.
I am new here, I’m Danielle and I have some problems with my Gig.
Yesterday, I add a photo but it seems that the photo was low quality, and I received a message to modify my Gig, I modified it but I can’t see my Gig anywhere. I had review and order in this Gig, what will happen?
Thank you,


Definitely contact support again.

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Okay, thanks.
I already do it, but response time is very long.

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Do you have link of your gig? Is it not opening or is it just that you lost track of it from your profile? You can check your “Gigs” menu item from the top and if there is no gig showing then you must contact to Fiverr Support Team. Or else, just create a new gig.

I already have sell with it, It’s say it’s pending for approval because I modify it, and I already share the link of my gig on social media, I think it will be great if I can continue selling on the same gig.

Can’t you just replace the picture?

I had two photos, I deleted the bad, now I only have one, maybe later I’ll add others.
Thank you.