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Worried about new buyer

So, like 3 days ago potential buyer contacted me, asking about fullbody art commission. I shared all the details, explained the process, blah-blah-blah. The buyer returned today, willing to order from me. I created the custom offer, the buyer accepted it immediately and I was waiting for requirements (from their message I understood that they want portraits of themselves), reference photos and descriptions.

About 2 minutes later I got the following message: “Do I pick from a portfolio of styles? I’m not sure where to start”. I explained that I need photos of them to draw them and if they find some of my previous works inspiring, they may send these as well, just as an example of prefered composition\color\details.

The answer was the following: “where is your portfolio? Which type of characters do you mean?”

I explained everything once more, resent their very first message, left the link to the gig they were interested in and said that I will gladly assist them if they are not sure about the order process, but the buyer just went offline.

All these messages make me feel so worried. From my side it looks like the person didn’t understand what exactly are they going to order. I hope it won’t end up with cancellation, because really, I have written every single small detail.

Oh dear, if you are spending money, why don’t you double check everything? Ask some questions to be sure about your future order. I always talk to my customers a lot and I am ready to answer as many questions as needed.


Sounds to me they just want you to provide links to your works so they can draw inspiration and tell you exactly what they need.


Hope so! I’ve sent them the link to my gig, it has quite a lot of artworks in Live Portfolio to choose from.


Or you could attach an image on the order page with images with different art styles in and each given a number/letter/name and the buyer could choose one.

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The problem is - they have already chosen the gig with specific art style, so I suppose, this is the matter of composition\colors.


UPD: if someone is interested: the buyer is still silent. Even after my multiple “How can I assist you”.

Frustrating and would definitely raise a red flag for me, but hopefully they were just confused and come back with the info you need soon!


Unfortunately, I couldn’t foreseen it. The buyer was quite confident with their decision to place the order, so I really don’t understand how things could go so wrong.

Well, I already have the person who placed the order about 6 months ago and still haven’t submitted their requirements. Annoying, but knowing Fiverr policies with “The Seller is always guilty and should be punished”, I prefer to ignore it. I don’t want to lose TRS because of buyers mistakes I have to pay for.

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You should be able to cancel incomplete orders after 1 week without any harm for your stats, see the following quote from the Help Center; however, the last paragraph wasn’t always in the Help Center, and I’m not sure when it was added, it might not work if your incomplete order is from before they changed that, idk.


When an order is marked as Incomplete, the buyer is still required to submit the requested information for the seller to complete the order. The order status cannot be adjusted until the buyer replies to the seller’s instructions.

  • As sellers , you can leave this section blank if you do not require any further information.
    You will also see an option to send a reminder to the buyer, to notify them to reply to the instructions.
  • A buyer will see a message indicating a reply to the instructions is required to start the order.

Note: After a week has passed from the original date of the order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.

Sounds too good to be truth.

Why I told this: when I was asking about cancellation before and asked if this will harm my cancellation ratio, CS agent replied, that ratings been calculated automatically and they can do nothing about it, so I will still have 94-97 order completion rating.

Maybe things changed since then, I think I should ask them again.

The quoted bit is just for orders with status incomplete, when the buyer didn’t send requirements, as you had mentioned that you have one of those. If the order is already active, I think the only way to not have a cancellation count is to ask support to cancel. They say it depends on their criteria; in my experience, if the cancellation reason was valid (buyer ordered something that’s against ToS, buyer ordered the same gig twice by accident, or such) they cancelled and told me to watch my stats, and it didn’t affect them.

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Yep, this 6-month-old order is incomplete. Thank you for this information, if the second buyer remains silent for another 5 days, I will contact CS and cancel both of them.

UPD: finally, after almost week-long silence they told me some details. I still haven’t got any photos of them, but they promised to bring it this afternoon.

I feel quite unsure about this order, but, at least, I will have the information I need to start working.

I love it when new buyers get frustrated after I ask them if they’ve seen my portfolio. “OF COURSE I’ve seen your work, WHY would I contact you otherwise??!!” While half of the time people order “based on reviews” instead of looking at what I actually do.

You can only direct them to your samples and if they want something completely different that isn’t doable, cancel via CS. That’s how I deal with those. The person is not necessarily malicious or even potentially difficult, they’ve just seen your 5* and pressed the button. :slight_smile:


I think fiverr should think also for sellers.


I have already done that and they even told me which work do they like and want their artwork to be done in the same style. Still, since it’s not character illustration, but real people portraits, I can’t start the order without getting reference photos. And I still haven’t got the photos.

I just don’t get it. To me it seems quite logical: if you are ordering portrait of yourself, you have to send some photos. I give 99,9% that artists have never ever met before most of the persons they draw. And 99,9% that even if they have seen them, they simply don’t remember their face features.


They either can’t find the photo they like or there are multiple people involved and some of them promised to send the photos but didn’t. I think they will eventually and if not, you have a very good chance to cancel via CS without it affecting your stats.

Fiverr is stressful to manage but only for sellers. For buyers, it’s mostly pressing buttons while being completely oblivious to timers, requirements, levels, demotions and all that. It’s very frustrating.

This is one of my most recent ones. This was submitted as requirements that started the timer. On Saturday morning. I was overjoyed.


Meh, I hate the situations like this (to be completely honest, I always hate it when people leave orders without contacting me first, it’s a rare situation when they were super sweet and wonderful to work with).

But, good news, bad news. The buyer finally submitted all the information. Not sure if they are going to communicate with me during work process, I can’t read the tone of their messages, but sometimes it gives me bitter feeling of the buyer being annoyed by lots of my questions and reminders.

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Hmmm … this actually makes me think there is somewhat of a wording/comprehension issue with “requirements”/“requirements page”.

What the customer typed there are their requirements, so it might make sense to them, while from seller side, what the page actually is for, is to let the customer know and provide what the seller needs to comply with the requests/requirements the buyer has.
The requirements on customer side (if anything beyond what a gig offers) should have been communicated to the seller before ordering, really, and if they are about something that a gig offers but needs to be stated, should be provided in a free comment box that the seller would have set up for that, in addition to the requirements from seller side.

Maybe you can come up with a requirement that would make it clear to customers that they still need to do something before starting the order. Perhaps a final multiple choice requirement, that says “Please only proceed to start the order after you have attached/filled out all necessary files/info above” (with “I have attached/filled out all necessary files/info above”). Of course, they could simply click that and start the order anyway, but it might make them realize they haven’t provided the info you need and do that before they proceed.

(similar to the issue of “Buyer Requests” which apparently makes many sellers think they can request a buyer there)


From artist perspective (as far as I know, lenasemenkova is also an artist), sometimes the following thing happens: buyers attach random picture (or just some reference materials for general mood) and write something like “I will provide the details\photo later”. And the order has been started, you have 0 information, the clock is ticking, deadline approaches.

They can be back with the information the same day. Or in a few days. Or in a week. Or they simply disappear and you need to contact CS for another cancellation. Of course, it happens quite rarely, but it still happens.

If someone says “make us look like we are breathing big fire balls” - for artist it means they HAVE TO attach the photos. We are not prophets or foreseers, we can’t know how these “us” look like, which means we can’t draw them. Not with fireballs, not with lightings coming from their eyes. :frowning:

I would even say more - like for a few times I had to investigate things on my own, search for Facebook or other social media profiles of my customers to find just 1 photo of them because they promised to attach it later and went offline ever since. Reminders and even CS summoning ritual didn’t help.

What you say is true, it’s really important to have requirement fields properly done, so there is small chance of getting no information at all. Still, there is no “filter” system, so the buyer is still able to write random nonesence, attach random picture and disappear.