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Worried about new buyer

Yes, I know, but I think we all, or most of us, have our own version of that to deal with, never mind the niche. And yes, we can only do so much to try and mitigate the issues as best we can. If buyers willfully write nonsense, or attach random pictures, we can only try to make them listen, or cancel.

My requirements have a combination of multiple choice, attachment requirement, free text, and also a “§”, something like “if you don’t attach … will lead to delays or cancellation”, to make them aware that failure to provide what I need to do my work will cost them time, which seems to help, I don’t have issues with that kind of thing often.


You may be onto something here.

Those who don’t provide requirements often finish with: “Let me know if you have any questions!” It never fails to make me die a little inside. You’ve just ignored everything I asked, checked the box confirming that you didn’t ignore anything, then were gracious enough to offer me to chase you for answers with the timer running. So it looks like some percentage of buyers reads it as “tell me what you require to be done”.

Fiverr in general doesn’t do a good job to communicate that the requirements (and the gig terms) are mandatory and are to be respected. I’m pretty sure the issue is the standard wording that is given out. 70% of Fiverr’s Choice buyers don’t fill out the requirements at all. As in, they don’t acknowledge their existence. Then you cancel and they bless you with this:

So the possibility of you as a seller having any rules, preferences, or wishes of how to conduct your business is not even being considered.

With “regular” buyers it’s, maybe, 5% of this nonsense. People manage to find the questions and answer at least some of them. So there is something drastically different in the process itself.

As to why buyers place orders “for later”, someone once told me they did that to “book their spot in the queue”.

Plus, buyers on average are completely unaware of timers, cancellations, and stats. Some of it, I’m assuming, is deliberate. You don’t really want to educate everyone on how they can tank any given seller’s profile with a strategically placed “blank” order. But there should be an emphasis on the timer. Something like: “Hey, there is a timer and you’re about to activate it. The seller will now have to deliver in X days”. There is no emphasis now. I’ve had dozens of buyers going: “No worries, take as much time as you need!” while I absolutely can’t do that.

I do think now that my requirements need a few more paragraphs. But on the other hand, the more paragraphs, the harder they are to pay attention to. I wouldn’t want more people to skip them entirely.

Btw, @miiila do you make this a separate requirement:

And if so, do you give them multiple options? One of them would be something to the extent of “I understand”. But I’m not sure what the other option would be.


you pointed out a big issue. its one of big problems, sellers are facing.
buyers should also be questioned for their wrong doings…