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Worried. I can't get any mail after trying to move revenues on my paypal

Worried. I can’t get any mail after trying to move revenues on my paypal.

Usually i get a mail in moments, but now i didn’t.

I tried to wait some minutes, but nothing.
I contacted the support, and i immediately received the automated mail for the message sent… So my mail address is working, and so fiverr is not experiencing delay on the automatic requestes…
Now, i’m seriously worried. Is anyone experiencing the same?
Suggestions? Experiences?

I haven’t tried to withdraw lately, but I know there have been times that withdrawals were delayed as much as a day. It’s pretty rare, but it definitely happens. Maybe someone else will reply if they’ve had the problem. Usually it resolves itself if you just wait 24 hours and CS should reply with a few days as well. You could also check with PayPal support to see if there is any issue on their end.

I’ve seen this a few times over the years. But it has just been a small delay, a few hours at most. Upmost a day once if I recall correctly, and once the request had to be sent again.

In re-reading this, I seem to recall someone saying that it worked for them when they tried re-clicking the link in an old withdrawal email. I have no idea what that really does or if it would help or not.

Hello Guys, I want to update you.

Actually it seems it was just a delay.
But as a super anxious persona, as i am, i preferred to have a contact with the support team that was infinitely kind and responsive. (i contacted them, just to make sure that there was no change in my paypal account, and be sure nobody tried to access/change mine)

Thank you for your answers and your full support!