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Worried I may be scammed... help please!

So my husbands birthday is in a week, and for the past two weeks I have been looking for someone to help me make his gift—unique, amazing, original, and exactly what I had in mind. Then I came across Fiverr, thought to myself, “IM SAVED!” I seriously felt like all of the weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I can just pay someone to look at my ideas and make them come to life! Right? I’m not quite sure. However I am very hopeful, because I did pay them already and I trust already until you’ve given me a reason not to trust you.

My ideas were of 3 things.

The first one was, might sound silly but we love these sorts of things, but I came up with the idea of creating a manga of mine and my husbands life together. Our own love story, one I can keep adding to each year. Cute right?

Okay well for $63 I ordered someone to write out 2000 words for me in script format. I gave them everything they could possibly need to really create this. Detailed story of course. I’m just bad with wording sometimes so I needed a little help.
To me, $63 is still $63. I really need this is to be spot on. Not just copied and pasted. I even sent him screen shots of the traits of the characters and what I would like for them to be like in the script. And even mine and my husbands ACTUAL story of how we met and got married. Has anyone came across a seller who wrote a script for them? Did it turn out the way you had invisioned it or was it rubbish? Can you please help me?

Second idea was a T shirt, $24. I looked at his reviews and they were great!! All 5 stars and his pictures looked awesome too. However, I sent him a message asking him to send me a picture of what it would look like when he’s done just so I could see and his reply was “yes please i need more time, i m working with schedule” exactly what he said, however I feel as thought the commutation is sort of… lack there of perhaps and it worries me. And also, before this, I had sent him a different message with even more reference pictures of what I would like for it to look like and how I wanted it to be. I then asked about sizes, and not once did he mention sizes to me. But when I had asked him the question and when I sent him the reference pictures, all he said was—“thank you” and that was it…
Has anyone had any experiences like this? And can you help me and give me some tips with sellers? Do I trust this? Or what should I do? This is for my husband and I NEED this to be great… I’m trusting these people with my money and also just believing in their work, period.
But then i get the bright idea to look up scams on Fiverr out of nowhere and all I could find was scams… so now I’m really worried and would like some guidance with all of this.

My third idea was for $7. English word turns into Japanese calligraphy. Easy. Communication was okay and asked me if I preferred it vertically or horizontally. Which was nice. Has anyone had an experience with a seller that did this? How did that go? Was it what you had expected? Or no?

I really just need some clairvoyance on this and it would be nice to chat with someone who has experienced this before on Fiverr. This is my first time using this app, and I have already made 3 purchases. All because I’m desperate for my husbands birthday gift to turn out the way I had planned for it to. The app seemed reliable until today when I looked up scams and now I’m just worried about it all. Did I do the wrong thing with trusting in these people to help me create this for my significant other? Did I just waste $100 or over $100 altogether? Someone help me please.

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Hi there!

I do hope you get what you’re looking for.

The t-shirt design - it may not actually be a t-shirt you’re ordering, just the design, which would explain why the seller didn’t ask about sizes. Usually it’s just the design which you can then get somebody else to put on a t-shirt for you. Apologies if this isn’t the case - you may want to re-read the gig description again to double check.

If you don’t get what you ordered (for all 3 gigs) please do be prepared to ask for revisions etc. until you are happy.


I get that you’re frustrated as you want things to go well for your husband’s birthday, anyone in your situation would. That being said, I can’t can’t guarantee it, neither can anyone else. Mostly, my experience on Fiverr, and the experiences of folks I know, has been positive.

And yes, the idea of a manga where the two of you update it each year with significant events is pretty darned adorable. Definitely sweet. With regards to the script, I haven’t had any experience with people writing those for me because I handle my own creative writing. 63$ for 2,000 words – did you get any examples beforehand, or a timeline on delivery? If they have a lot of reviews, that’s good, but are they a top-rated seller? That matters, too (yes, I’m aware I’m shooting myself in the foot at the moment – having a single client and single review after months :frowning: ).

The tee-shirt idea is cute, too, but is it a physical tee shirt or a tee shirt design? There’s no link to it, so not sure which one you ordered. He may just do tee shirt designs, then you take the design (in .png, .psd, or .jpg format) to a tee shirt company website, upload it, and have it printed on their shirts, in which case you’d be picking the size, color, and style on the tee shirt website. Again, I don’t have the link to the seller, so I can’t say what they’re offering, but there seems to be some confusion with this one.

No experience with English words into Japanese calligraphy, that’s actually really cool. I’m curious why you’re worried about this one, if the communication is good? Is it just because you read about scams on Fiverr? I can promise you, some of us are just regular people trying to sell our skills, not all scammers.

If you’re worried about these things, you can always reach out to Fiverr’s customer service, but until people start missing deadlines, I wouldn’t worry. If the service isn’t to your liking, you can also reach out to the seller and try to work it out, if that fails, you can always just leave a review with fewer than 5 stars.


Yes as @merciavideo told you if you do not like you can ask for a modification. Here are A lot of talented sellers do not afraid you will get what are you looking for.


Thank you for the reply! I didn’t even think about that at all! Dumb me… hopefully that’s not the case but at least now I know.

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Don’t worry too much. I’ve made about a dozen purchases here and only in 1 case I got disappointed, as the seller never reacted, apparently had abandoned their fiverr account while it was still up, and while I lost time and all, of course, I got a refund for that purchase, so it wasn’t too bad.

Hope your purchases will turn out well - and if you get the design for the t-shirt, maybe just take the file/s to a shop that prints t-shirts nearby, so you can be sure to get it on time.

Keep in mind that for one, people who have a bad experience tend to complain, while you never get to hear from the many who are content, also lots of bad reviews are by people who broke the rules and then get enraged when they get booted.


Thank you so much for your reply! That means a lot that you really payed attention to my questions and what I am looking for when it comes to ordering something from this site.
I get that there are some good people out there just trying to make a living and I am all for that, don’t get me wrong. But there are some people out there that just suck you in and take your money and I’ve heard it’s hard to get that back because of Fiverr credits or whatever. I’m not sure. Anyways, earlier yesterday I just had this idea to really see if it was true. You know, an app where someone can just bring your ideas to life! Or whatever the cause may be. I looked it up and all I could find was bad reviews… I started to panic because I just spent so much money on a single website/app and it’s for my husbands bday which is only in a few days now.
I’m trusting in these people to really come through for me. Hopefully it all works out and I didn’t waste any money or anything.

I didn’t even think about it just being the designs for the t shirt and the 2000w script, they’re not really updating me on anything. I’m going to be optimistic though because deadlines are in just a few days so I’ll wait I guess and see what happens. Also so I didn’t drop a link bc I wasn’t too sure if that was allowed or if the seller could see if I put their link in a comment of mine…

Their names are sorta like this bc I know u can’t actually drop their usernames but if I couldddd it’d look like this
Peram (manga edit, revisions, articles)
lloui (custom designs for shirts, customize wedding invitations… etc etc)

Oh and I had one more question! Does Fiverr ask you for your address when the seller is completely done with your order? Or how does that work. Because not once have I seen a box to put my address in or anything lol ugh this site confuses me so bad. Haha

No fiverr will not ask for your address, when the seller deliver your order you will download it and will use that as you want.

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Okay that’s good to hear! Not the last part though, sorry that happened to you. But for the most part, at least it has been a pretty positive experience for you. That helps me not too worry too much about this. Hopefully this will be a good experience for me as well!

And yes! If that does end up happening I will do exactly that! Thank you so much for all your help!

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Download it? What do you mean by that? I’m sorry I’m just confused by all of this :sweat_smile:

They will deliver the design you will have to download it.

Hmm, yes that is true. I have noticed that most people have 5 stars and their reviews are all great… are all of those reviews real? I saw on different websites that some can even be fake. I’ve been wondering about this and I have not seen one negative comment anywhere! It’s crazy because you know there’s always that one pesky person out there who’s just not ever happy with anything so they just rant about it in the review section. But yet I still haven’t seen one of those comments yet! It’s just so weird to me bc usually you see something like that or just something of “ehh it was alright” sort of thing. But nope…

Download it to what though? That’s what I’m confused about because most apps you order off of, you put in your card info and then your billing address and then walla. It’s being shipped to your billing address.

There are fake reviews (like everywhere else too, you think all reviews on Amazon , eBay, Yelp, etc., are real?), but there are many legitimate sellers with only real reviews, and if you look around long enough, you’ll also see less than 5* reviews.

Most people, however, if they are happy with their delivery and the service received, tend to give 5 stars.

I rated all my purchases 5* because either I was happy with the outcome (I got some totally great drawings and videos here, and for a really good price, and the sellers were nice and polite and all, so why would I rate them anything less than 5*) or where the whole experience wasn’t that great (you don’t ‘click’ with everyone and communication style of some people may not be your cup of tea) but as the sellers did deliver what was specificed in the gigs, I saw no reason to rate them badly for very subjective things (the one seller that didn’t react and never delivered, got an automated 1* rating with “Order got cancelled, Seller didn’t deliver on time” from Fiverr, which is what happens if someone doesn’t deliver at all).

Also, if sellers who fake reviews are found out, they lose their account, so it’s a risky thing to do even for people who aren’t so keen on morals. While it certainly happens, I don’t think it happens as often as the loud people want (one) to believe it does.

While there are gigs that offer physical items with shipping, Fiverr is mostly a digital marketplace, so, typically, you get your deliveries as files, for example, an MS Word file with a blog article written by an article writer, or a logo someone made for you as a PhotoShop or vector file or whatever, which you download to your computer and then process as intended. Or, in your case (probably), you’ll get a file with your T-shirt design which then you can give to a shop that prints it on a T-shirt, or you could start a T-shirt selling business yourself with that file.

What you get depends on the gig you choose, you definitely need to read gig descriptions thoroughly. Many bad reviews/complaints stem from people who didn’t read the gig descriptions, bought apples, and then complained about not having gotten oranges, to put it simply. :wink:


It always, always, always sucks when you think you might have thrown away money – especially when it’s a larger sum. Don’t worry, though, I don’t think you have.

The design for the tee shirt is very likely something you’ll need to download. They’ll design it for you, then you download it onto your phone (likely in .png or .jpg format), then you go to a tee shirt website and you get to pick the size/style and you upload the tee shirt design and viola, done. The upside to this is that you get to show your husband the design before you order the tee shirt, then get his opinion on whether it would look better on white, black, or grey. Alternatively, you could tell him that he’ll have to wait on his last part of the present – either way, though, when the physical tee shirt arrives, I’m sure he’ll like it.

With the deadline for the script, if there’s a problem with it when the deadline comes, you can ask for a revision or leave a less than stellar review, not mandatory to leave five stars, ever.

And no, Fiverr never asks for your address – or at least, it’s never asked for mine. That’s because most of the services offered are digital ones (pictures and documents you can download). Think of it like a digital version of Etsy. A book cover or comic will be in digital format, then you will have it on your computer or phone, and can print it out if you wish to (different stores have the option of printing files straight from your phone).

PS: I know people are saying that reviews are fake - and some might be - but overall, I wouldn’t worry too much (not all of us have bought reviews).

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Im sorry I’m just now seeing this but thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. That really helped me. Also, with the Tee shirt design, I downloaded it and now I’m waiting for this place to get it printed for me so, so far it’s turned out great! I’m pretty happy with everything at the moment. I was just concerned for a moment there because of the reviews I saw about the site AFTER I had already paid these people to help me. That was on me though for not doing my research on it first yanno. But now, I feel more relieved about everything and hopefully the rest turns out good as well. Thank you again for your reply, they’ve all helped me out a lot!


Glad to hear it worked out :slight_smile: