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Worry about not getting orders?

I worry a lot, why I am not getting orders from last 2 weeks? Is there any problem on Fiverr? I am a seller of level 1, and before this, I almost daily got some orders. kindly help me out Thanks


Dear @zorgan_graphic,

Not getting an order isn’t a problem at all. We can’t expect an order unless a buyer needs it. And there are a lot of sellers on Fiverr. Sometimes when a buyer search for a service, your gig come to the front page, he likes it and places an order or message you. But some times happens the opposite. I mean, your gigs don’t shown to the earlier page and the buyer chooses another seller found by searching.

This is not a matter of getting worried about not getting any order since last 2 weeks. Depends totally on your luck. I have seen some seller get much order in a day, where some seller like me struggle to get an order :sweat::sweat:

Dont’t worry about that. Stay active, share your gigs to social sites and most importantly be patient. Hope, you will get your order soon. I wish to get an order too :wink:

Kind Regards,
Minthal Ahmed Masum


In the beginning I had one or two orders, then it went quiet for a couple of weeks, then another, and so on… It took a while before the orders started to come in more regularly, mainly because of repeat customers.

Probably nothing wrong with Fiverr. I agree with @minahmmas above. Work on your gig, share it in social media, perfect the content and offer of your Gig, and I’m sure orders will start rolling in soon. :slight_smile:


Perfectly said :slight_smile:


don’t worry dear you will get order quickly.

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