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Worry about order no order last 1 month


I don’t know why i can’t get any order from last month. I think is that something wrong my gig and profiles. I can’t find it.


Potential buyers will often times check if the gig description is correct.
If they spot any grammar mistakes, they will think

  1. They will have communication problems due to the seller’s lack of English skills
  2. The seller did not bother putting in the time to have someone check their description.

I see the line “Why you hair me” in your description.
Do you notice anything?


Thanks a lot for Show my error


@niki Improve your gigs and than make gigs related your experience and work and also suggest spacefic tag for your gigs on fiver search engine.and must be much times online on your fiver acount and also chack a buyer request and sent buyer request soon as possible you will get batter result.