Worry about sells


I am worried about my sells, because every day its going down. What do you think? What’s the problem? Is it for xmas? Or for something other reason. I don’t know, what about your sells?


I’m having the same problem, impressions and page views dropped keeps every day and I never get new buyers again, just some old buyers who do re-order. I have filed a complaint to the custome support Team but they told me that my gigs is fine. This is confusing. Many of complaints like this but no follow-up from Fiverr. Hopefully there is a solution to this problem.


Reply to @bernard18: Maybe this is for holidays. Business will be back on stage after holidays. Let’s go for holidays. :wink:


its most likely xmas my business is a little less then usual ( I don’t mind it nice to have a couple days off for once )


Reply to @matt_garry: yap, you are right. Happy Xmas.


Traffic and response to current gigs has dropped slightly for me. People are a little distracted with Christmas. Time to do a little Gig Maintenance. Happy Holidays everyone.


I think it is only because of the holidays. People are taking some time off and you should also take some time off.

Your sales will bounce back after the holidays are over.

Good Luck !!!


Reply to @aeiou280: Thnx mate. Happy holiday.