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Worse Messages Ever Recieved


Refer em to me, I’ll do it and split the $$ with ya as a referral.


good idea… next time I will :slight_smile:


Apart from all the messages that are just - hi! or calling me dear or asking me if I can outsource work - this one was particularly offensive - I’m sure you can work out the word used. I notice they still have an account so…


Makes me miss the days of getting emails from a person in a foreign country who has a sick someone and really needs money fast. Ahhh, the good old days.


My 2 that I despise are the “can you do this as a gift”? and the “give me lots of work for free and I will give you mass orders in future”!

This combined both. This is after he asked for 5000 words for $5. I told him no thanks, but he persisted. So I sent him a customer offer of $50.


LOLz at my budget is $5. :smiley: Bargain basement budget. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

“sorry i don’t need your service”

Ouch! I bet you were crushed? Not! :smile:

I’ve had some VERY, very interesting messages. :grimacing:

Here’s one that took me by surprise. :hushed:


Yeah, right. Why would I hit up a complete stranger? For him to kidnap my :peach:.
Um, no, thank you!


Never had anything too out of the ordinary but I once had a couple different buyers hit on me.

Like, dude. It’s Fiverr. Not Plenty Of Fish.


More like Plenty of creepers. :joy:

Yup! Many of the guys on here think it’s a dating site.

Sending “Hi” or “Hello” with nothing of substance.

Asking where are you from? and other nonsense that has nothing to do with the services offered.


I’ve seen people suspended/banned for less… WAY less. It’s a shame.

And some of these made me laugh out loud… probably to keep from crying :grin:


I get messages like this from time to time:

“Hi JonBaas! You gigs are awesome! I like everything about you, and I think you are Fiverr’s best seller of gigs. I want to do what you do, so I think we should be partners. We share all profits, and we be a great team! So, what you say? Respond me back. I am waiting for your valuable reply.”




One of my weird message was someone send me a porn video and wanted me to make it a better quality. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Tough job but somebody has to do it I guess.
Were there any guidelines as to what would make it better quality?

Edit: Dont answer that


“Hy” = double trouble.


Sounds like a lucrative deal. :moneybag: :money_mouth_face:
An opportunity of a lifetime? :astonished:


“Can I have your whatsapp Number”


I had to google this before I knew I had just been abused :joy:


Use your skills to earn :smile:


How is that a terrible message?

Using your skills to earn income is what Fiverr is all about.


User: “Hi”.
Me: Hello XX. Thanks for contacting me. How can I help you
User: “I WANT WORK “


Seriously, I do get annoying messages every now and then, but daaaang,
after reading through this thread…I actually feel lucky!!

Let’s see the worst message I got…
I think I mentioned this before somewhere, but I found a seller who stole my gig image,
I contacted her/him in Japanese ( because she claimed to be one in her profile) , I get a crappy English reply and she said something like "I dont know it was your image OK"
she also added a “I native japanese, OK”

Yup, that was quite annoying.