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Worse situation in BR mode

Hello guys,
About 2-3 Months ago, There were about 20-30% advertisers in BR mode.
Today, I can see about 50%, every second is advertising their stupid and non professional services.
I don’t want to be rude but almost all of them are liars and non professionals. I dont even think that they are receiving orders from these advertisements.

Fiverr must fix this problem, I think They can filter manually BR mode and grant automatically requests only trusted buyers and sellers here.
This is not so hard to fix

Actually it can be hard to fix if we would rely on Fiverr alone to solve the problem, considering the ever-growing vast amount of spam and self-advertising in that section.

As someone already suggested regarding this matter, Fiverr could put a “report” button but only for a smaller set of trusted sellers whose reports will be genuine (why only show a report button to just a few trusted sellers? well, to prevent other users from abusing the report button :wink: )

P.S. I also thought that they don’t receive orders, but how come they have so many offers/bids on those self-advertising requests? that means people ask them for their services, which is worrying as it’s against the ToS.

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…and if you do a quick search on the Forum, you’ll find all these and so many more on the same topic:

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