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Worst buyer I have ever come across

So I just came of the worst buyer (probably) in my entire life. The buyer came to me asking for 3 short children books, ordered 3 different gigs and I completed all the orders and delivered them. The buyer went on insulting how horrible it was, how he wanted me to rewrite it entirely, how horrible my grammar was??! And everything.

A bit of criticism is fine but such harsh, unreal comments was terrific. The buyer was a seller before and he had 4 reviews but no gigs. His rating was 2.5 which I’m assuming this all was just to get mine down.

Well, after his little comment. I ran all the delivered files through many editing softwares and grammarly and found nothing really wrong. He asked for a revision which I granted. During this time, I contacted support. Mind this was only 500 words each. I contacted support asking them to cancel the orders because I didn’t want to do them anymore. Cancelling them from the order page would lead my cancellation and completion rate down to 9% and I couldn’t take that risk.

Fast forward, I delivered the files and this was his comment on it ‘I can work with these 3 stories. I will have to edit them, and then tailor them to get further stories.’

The files didn’t have a single spelling mistake, grammar mistake, plot was clear and understandable.

Well, after that little chat I got 3 negative reviews. 3.5 rating. I always worked hard for my 5* but this buyer just put me off. But the good thing is that I have an option to rate the buyer after blinding writing thank you for 2 of the reviews but I have the third one left.

Should I go off and be honest?



That is rough! And kinda scary tbh. Being a seller you got to take those risks sometimes but I’d say be honest without sounding to unprofessional as other folks can see your reviews as well

To be honest, I just don’t work with other Fiverr sellers. 90% of the time they either offer the same gigs as me or have low star ratings. Later, almost every order turns into a squabble about quality and prices.

"There are lots of smelling mistakes. i want better! PLZ cancel…"

Yes. And make sure to mention that the buyer is a fellow Fiverr seller with a low rating which buyers can check by clicking their profile! :wink:


That quotation!

I honestly never worked with another seller, usually I ignored if they every wanted a service from me and even if I did accidentally, the results were amazing in many cases except for this one!

I did review his third review which actually gave me 4.4* (blind system problems) my review to that was basically 1* and whole ton of me being mean.


To be fair, there are lots of Fiverr sellers I have and do work with. In every case, though, these are people from the forum or sellers who reach out first to ask if I can help. I know exactly the kind of buyer you have had and I just cancel their orders as they come in. I’ve been burned too many times.


being honest with your opinion is the best way to go . :slight_smile:

Though he (or she) has no active gigs and probably hasn’t had any active gigs for quite a while. The user has had 4 reviews since 2010. So it may not be correct to say they’re a Fiverr seller (at least not a current/active seller).

The actual reviews the buyer left aren’t too bad (though I only see 2 of his reviews. One includes “good seller” and the other “good”). On a scale of 1-5, 3.5 is above average and some people just don’t like to give 5 star reviews (like 5 stars is impossibly perfect). Maybe by “editing” he just wants to make it more his style of writing.

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