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Worst Buyer in Fiverr History (Customer Support Fail)

I had a recent order that was returned to the buyer by customer service and I just have to get it off my chest.


Guy orders Amazon listing update because his listing is terrible.
I write up a new, fully-loaded listing as per his request.
He asks me for something that I don’t provide.
I politely tell him I don’t offer that.
He threatens me with a negative review.
I tell him to pound sand.
He complains to customer service and gets refunded and I get an account warning.


This ***hole then reorders from me again right AFTER getting refunded the first time. Are you fucking kidding me?

I mean, what in the ****, customer service? WHAT IN THE ****?


I am so sorry this happened to you! I am fully sympathetic and hope you simply requested a cancellation based on his previous unhappiness with your work.

Now I am going to tell you what you did wrong. As soon as he threatened you, you should have immediately stopped all replies and sent a screenshot to customer service.
This might have headed off the situation that resulted.

Never respond to threats or abuse in any way. Always simply report them to customer service. You did nothing wrong and should be paid for your work. When you told him to pound sand that’s where you went wrong although it’s fully understandable if not justified. Tomorrow’s another day and hopefully you can shake this buyer off and move on quickly.
This buyer is a jerk.

Yeah, well, I’ve spent the last 14 months on Fiverr letting people talk to me like they fucking own me like I’m some sort of dog and you can bet your *** this guy pound fucking sand. I’m sick and tired of being treated poorly just because the buyer has the upper hand.

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I hope I haven’t got the same buyer. I’ve just finished a bucket of gigs for someone wanting me to write their insanely rubbish product descriptions who I am pretty sure is the same person but has ordered using multiple identities.

As a side, I find the Amazon description people insanely fussy. Every gig I do I have buyers asking me for multiple revisions, not because the delivery was at fault but because they have decided they want extra details added which they never informed me about originally. In fact, my last order simply sent me a picture of a product to write about. No other details, no link to anywhere, just a picture…

Spoons the lot of them. (Or at least, they seem to be).

I had another Fiverr seller ask me for one recently and he pushed me until I refunded. He wanted me to write “No Hazardous Chemicals” in the title of baby wipes and I told him that was a TERRIBLE idea. He threw a gigantic fit and I knew it was over because there are only two outcomes:

A) I write HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS in caps of his Amazon title and he never sells a single item, then blames me for bad writing and leaves a negative review.
B) I don’t write it and he leaves me a negative review anyway.

Man, I totally understand.

Stop talking to them if they talk to you like that, refund them, and move on. Have a thick skin.

I’ve seen those baby wipes that DO have cancer causing chemicals in them that have been banned selling on Amazon. He actually has a good idea there as they have been talked about and people were very upset about them. There was quite an uproar over it recently but I do understand how stupid it sounds in a title.