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Worst buyer so far I had in my 2 years on Fiverr


Before I start, I already reported this user to customer support and they are taking the proper action, meanwhile, I thought of sharing this with you.

A buyer ordered on October, I completed everything as he asked after 2 revisions, after that the roller coaster started, he started adding things that were not in the original brief, adding and removing random things on the video,once he asks me to add stuff then he changes his mind and add other stuff, when I asked him to pay for the extra work he throws at me the famous saying “I have more work in the future I will pay you for both orders”

I took a big breath and did exactly as he asked, he kept going back and forth for 10 REVISIONS! order got completed and he is still wanting to modify the video thought the inbox, he spams me every day every hour, when I don’t answer in an hour or to he ill just shout at me in CAPLOCKS with 10 to 20 messages in a row, until he started using abusive language and vulgar words.

Until now, I did not report him or blocked him, hell, I took even a bigger breath and provided the video as he asked,and of course he still has things to modify, said you know what I am going to stop responding to him I have my orders and many other messages to respond and work on, until yesterday he said that if I don’t do the work he is going to cancel the order (order completed since September). and started using abusive language again.

I said that’s it is gonna block him and report him for customer support for his rudeness, spamming my inbox with hundreds of messages and one-word line text, vulgar language and shouting.

Hours after I blocked him, he creates another account saying he is sorry for his rudeness and want me to provide the video, I block him again, he creates a third account and directly orders a 10$ gig that has nothing to do with his video,I requested cancelation and he started spamming me with his different accounts with messages everywhere.

He says that he is going to pay for the work, I said to my self even if he pays a 1000$ I am not going to work with this person anymore and deleted every project file that I have saved on my hard drive ,and still as I am writing this he is still sending me Hello ? texts on my inbox, this is getting on my nerve so much, I know if I am going to block him again he is going to create another account and start spamming again.

I should have stopped working with this person since the first time when he did not want to pay for the extra, but I did not.

Anyway, hope CS can resolve this.
What could stop this buyer from creating a fourth and a fifth account?
This person simply does not get a NO for an answer.


I am sorry this happened to you. I am shocked however, that it is so easy to make multiple accounts in a short amount of time. :scream:


Also I am still receiving messages from his old account that I blocked ,I am not sure why the block function does not work properly


:scream: No, no say it is not so!


what a person!
if he was so desperate to work with you as such, why was he pssng you off in the first place?

he really needs help, i think someone should help him get a pastor to pray for him.


He just texted me “Ive put the dispute on fiverr as the partial delivery made”

Maybe he should change that to over-delivery ? with all the extra I have included and the sent free revisions over the months and weeks?

he is being desperate to work with me because he can’t find someone to bully and work for him for free.

I just blocked his third account, won’t be surprised if he creates a fourth account and starts bombarding me with messages again.


Block function only works on desktop in some cases. Sometimes… a user can send messages even after getting blocked by a seller via fiverr app.

To be honest. He would be the number one hatered buyer of all times in the list of 100 I think. I can feel your pain. It happened to me too but not to this extent. Hope you will be saved by Fiverr Gods soon. :relieved::blush:


Maybe his ego hurts when you blocked him and now he is trying to waste your time or maybe mental illness. :neutral_face:


The same thing happened to me. An angry buyer who asked for too much, spammed me constantly with “are you there?” messages, then started to send abusive messages, and then created a new account to spam me again. Honestly, it may even be the same user. I alerted CS to the issue, and they basically told me there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop this from happening.

I’m so sorry you’re going through the same experience!


Sorry you are going through this! Never respond to him at all and keep trying to block him.

Some people have “issues” and find fiverr to be a wonderful place to abuse people, driven by inner demons, and knowing we can’t stop our work here and disappear to totally avoid them.

If you completely go NO CONTACT with them they eventually will give up. Never answer them at all. Just keep blocking and cancelling after alerting customer support.

Each time you respond with a message it means they got what they wanted from you.


Don’t talk to them at all. I had a very similar individual making my life miserable for nearly a year and ignoring them seemed to work best. Don’t block them (they really hate that and it makes them create dummy accounts faster), just breathe, screenshot, report.

Also in my case, when blank orders started rolling in, at some point CS told me “this person won’t be ordering from you any longer” and I haven’t heard from that person anymore. So CS definitely could do and have done something. I have no idea what, though.

I still report every new account from a certain location that sends more than 2 “hello?” in a row. Better safe than sorry.


Wow… how very unfortunate. I s’pose this is one of the downsides of working on a platform such as this. That said, seems you’ve received some sage advice herein. I’m wishing you good fortune. Keep moving forward in positivity.


Okay so here is an update, it seems like Fiverr deleted his other accounts but kept his original account, and then they sent me this message, do I have to work with this person again after all of this? what am I supposed to do? screenshot

Again I already did what he asked from the first month on the first 2 revisions , everything that comes after that was just free work and abusing the revision button.


You always need to send screenshots of the abusive language, as many as you can, to customer support so they get the whole picture of what you have been having to deal with. Otherwise they have no way of knowing how bad it has been.


Sad state of Fiverr’s hit-and-miss customer service. Looks like they just sent back one of their template responses without even fully understanding your situation.

I would follow up with them again by replying to that message and concisely explaining what is happening. Point out the original start date of the order, that you’ve done many revisions and are being harassed. Maybe the second time around they will give you a proper response.


Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry. What is wrong with people?! The entitlement baffles me.


As the above comment says, screenshot (and should I add, write a detailed report of the entire situation as it unfolded, with dates and screenshots to prove each of the statements). Then summarize that as there is no way for you to effectively protect yourself from the person, you in no way can contact them further as you are fearful to provoke them into further action.

Then if it needs repeating reattach the confirmation that you’ve delivered everything that was a part of the initial order and did all the revisions the order included.

This person doesn’t want your work or their money back for the matter (otherwise, the order would be refunded long ago without you having a say about it). They want your attention and no, you absolutely don’t have to work with them under these circumstances.

I’m seriously so sorry you have to go through this, makes me angry to read it.



Like you said, I explained the situation again to CS with all the screenshots and the dates of the deliveries that I have done.

Meanwhile, I am still receiving messages every day form the user even after blocking him.

Its kinda funny accusing me of scamming while I did everything to help him for months for free, it should be the other way around.


^^^^ This. They want your attention. This is an illness.